A Rip-Snorter of a Storm & a Classy-Looking Table

Weekly Happenings: We had a pretty low-key week. Most of our stuff happened during the weekend. 🙂

The Weekly Weather: It was pretty mild with the exception of Thursday night. We had quite a storm come through. Joseph slept through the heaviest of the rain, but woke up during the crazy thunder and lightning. He was pretty scared. I ended up holding him while rocking in the rocker until the storm passed and then snuggling him in bed for a bit before he was willing to go back to his bed.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He. Built. Me. A. Farmhouse. Table. Squeeeeeeee!!!!!!! He spent a few days mulling over the design and then took Friday off to buy materials and build it. I took Joseph to the zoo and to the mall while he was building it so that he didn’t have us underfoot and he could build it inside as opposed to in the garage or in the yard. He wrote up a post on his blog (if you click on the word “blog” it will take you to his blog post about it).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: As aforementioned, I took Joseph to the zoo and then to the mall while Paul was doing his project. I also hosted a party for my friend who is a consultant for the company Thirty-one (a company that sells all sorts of different bags/totes/organizers, etc.). It was fun to get together with some of my girlfriends, eat snacks, and look at really cute and fun stuff. Plus, since Paul was able to finish the table on Friday, I was able to show it off on Saturday at the party. 😉 I also helped Paul move our old table and chairs out to the garage so that someone could come and get them (Paul advertised them on Craigslist on Friday night and someone came and got them Saturday afternoon).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: The two big things that stick out this week are that he was able to be in the same room with me while I was vacuuming (without being scared) and he has stopped screaming/crying when we wash his hair (with anything other than a damp washcloth). Paul has been working with him on the hair-washing, which is great! He still complains a bit, but he doesn’t carry on the way that he used to. We just tell him to close his eyes as we dump the water over his head. 😉

This Week in Pictures:

Trying to wrangle a little boy in order to take a picture…
…almost there…
…and this was the result, hahaha!
This week has been about sitting in things…
He got every single car to be lined up on the table.
Our tomato plants…
…have tomatoes!
He loves to play with his cars.
Riding the train near the zoo.
I love the scenery we get to see while riding the train.
Paul and his table.
Joseph talking like a robot. We were using the fans to help the stain on the table top dry (as well as keep the fumes down).
Joseph enjoying breakfast at the new table.
A little boy snackin’. Paul found a guy out in Boerne (about 35-40 minutes away) who was selling some really sturdy wood chairs, so we got eight to match the style of the new table. We have plans to paint them a cool shade of green for a pop of color.

Bonus Video: Joseph decided that my leg made for a pretty good buckin’ bronco. 😉


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