A Relaxing Week

Weekly Happenings: This past week was really a relaxing one. We mainly just stuck to doing the regular stuff. Monday, we went to the library to trade out books. Wednesday, I went to a book club meeting while the boys hung out at home. Thursday, we had an AC guy come out to look at our air conditioner. It wasn’t acting up per se, but it wasn’t cooling the way it ought to have been, which meant it was probably low on refrigerant again. It’s done this roughly once a year since we moved in, but we’ve never been able to find the leak until this last time. It looks like the coil was damaged (probably during install), so it needs to be replaced. Our AC guy checked, and it SHOULD still be under warranty (fingers crossed), but it’s still going to cost some money. Luckily, Paul thought something like this might happen, so when we got our tax return earlier this year, he made sure we set aside most of it into our savings to cover potential costs. I’m so glad I’m married to a man who thinks of these things! Our AC guy is coming back tomorrow to fix everything, hopefully for good! Friday, Paul went on an overnight camp out with the Scouts to Government Canyon while Joseph and I had a date night (dinner out; his choice and a trip to Target where he got to pick out a book). Yesterday we mainly hung out at home (Paul was understandably tired after his camp out) and then in the evening I went to the General Women’s Broadcast while the boys hung out at home.

The Weekly Weather: Warm and humid, as usual. The last couple of days there has been a cool-ish breeze accompanying it, which has been refreshing. Apparently, part of San Antonio got rained on yesterday, just not our part, haha. We’re supposed to have a cold front move in over the next couple of days, bringing rain and cooler temps before it heats up again.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Mainly work and school. As mentioned before, he went on a camp out Friday and Saturday. From what he’s told me, sleeping in a tent towards the end of September makes for a sweaty, uncomfortable night. I did happen to check the weather right about bedtime and it was still 81 degrees, but with the humidity being so high, it said it felt more like 89 degrees. Poor man! Joseph and I made sure to let him get in a nap in the nice, air conditioned house after he got home and cleaned up. One fun thing he mentioned about the camp out was that they got to hike far enough in to go see the dinosaur tracks (some actual dinosaur tracks that are preserved in some rock). It was cool to get to see the pictures (it’s still a bit too much of a walk for Joseph and, to be honest, me…at least while pregnant). One freaky thing that happened was that Paul was able to show the boys that it’s much easier to find a scorpion using a black-light flashlight. Apparently it makes them look bright green. *shudder* I suppose it’s better that they found it with their flashlight and not with their feet.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Piano teaching, shuttling Joseph back and forth to school, and sleeping! I have been so tired this past week. I think it’s due in part to Abigail being so, so, so active. There are mornings that I wake up sore and tired because it becomes quickly apparent that she has hosted a dance party for one all night. I don’t know that I would have it any other way, though. I love feeling the nudges and kicks. She is getting pretty strong, though. I’ve actually started seeing my stomach move in response. Going to book club was fun (as always) and going to the broadcast was so nice and relaxing. The leaders who speak always seem to know exactly what I need to hear. Amazing, huh? 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been settling into the school routine quite nicely. It sure is a blessing that he gets to do pre-k this year. Having a half-day experience will, I think, help him transition more smoothly into the full-day experience that is kindergarten and up. He loves school! Every day, he tells me about fun stuff he gets to do (go to the library, go to the computer lab, making mini pizzas and getting to eat them). To me, it sounds like what kindergarten used to be when I was going. I’m so glad he gets this positive experience! He’s also spent quite a bit of time making LEGO creations, playing outside, and dressing up as various characters. I’m so blessed to be his momma!

This Week in Pictures:

He still likes playing with these magnetic snowmen that my sister, Alice got him several years ago (they come with clothing you can put on top of them to dress them up).
The weather forecast for the first official week of fall in San Antonio (not a crisp breeze or tree with changing leaves in sight, haha). Look at Monday, though! It’s almost there! 😉
Paul’s shot of the dinosaur tracks. They have them chained off so that you can’t get too close. They don’t want people to accidentally damage them.
Sitting in the shade of the patio, enjoying a cool-ish breeze, and blowing bubbles. It doesn’t get much better than this!
Building LEGO masterpieces. He played like this for well over an hour.
Sneaking in a little screen time. I thought it was cute that he was all snuggled up to Mickey. Joseph has a few favorite stuffed animals, but Mickey still reigns supreme, apparently.

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