A Rainy, Rainy Week

Weekly Happenings: The weather tried desperately to put a damper on my mood (and almost succeeded). It rained at least once every day (except yesterday), but we were still able to do all that we had planned (play dates, story time, grocery shopping, etc.). Yesterday, we decided to take it easy (usually we’re tempted to do a lot on Saturdays) and just hang around the house for the most part. Then we all woke up kind of groggily due to the fact that we had to set our clocks forward last night. Spring is on its way!

The Weekly Weather: As mentioned before, it rained. A lot. I could feel it weighing on me towards the end of the week (I need my sunshine). Luckily, at that point, the weather started clearing. Yesterday and today have been quite pleasant, warm, and sunny.

What Paul’s Been Up To: All of last week he was taking a class in order to get his Security+ CompTIA certification. He was kind of stressed out a bit about it because his job kind of hinged on it. Friday, he took the certification test…and PASSED! We’re super proud of him!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I went to one of my book club meetings, a Relief Society Activity, and then over to a friend’s house to watch a movie with a bunch of friends from my other book club…so I was able to get a lot of different times to have adult conversation, which was awesome.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He spent a lot of time playing with toys, dressing up as super heroes, etc. One day, I was cleaning the kitchen while Joseph was playing with his LEGOS, so it was pretty quiet. All of a sudden, Joseph said, “Speaking of DC Comics, I’m Superman. Will you help me put my cape on, Mom?” I love his imagination. He also really enjoyed playing with friends and then going with Paul to get frozen yogurt while I went to my movie night.

This Week in Pictures:

16 - 1
I wasn’t joking…it rained every day last week (except Friday and yesterday).
I made up a batch of my mom’s bacon spaghetti (a recipe she learned from Rita (one of my SILs) many, many moons ago) for dinner one night, and it smelled divine! A little taste of home. 🙂
“Justice wins!” That’s a direct quote from Superman, people… he was “shooting” imaginary bad guys with “imaginary cannons”.
Going out for frozen yogurt with Daddy totally makes it okay to be away from Momma.
A sign I made for our pantry door.
The other sign I made. Paul helped me to get the spacing right (it’s bigger than anything I’ve done before) and I’m really grateful he did. It would have bugged me if it wasn’t even.

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