A Quick Trip To SoCal

I’m breaking from my regular format for a blog post. We took a quick trip to California, because my dad’s health hasn’t been too great. We feel blessed to have been able to have a good visit with family and to have had some fun times as well. We mostly stayed at my parents’ house to visit, but we did take a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm (and Paul also took Joseph to go do some miniature golf). Right before we left, we found out that the tummy bug we though Abigail had was really salmonella (most likely picked up from the swings at our park…but it really is a shot in the dark as to where exactly she contracted it), so we were giving her antibiotics right before leaving as well as all throughout the trip. That was a challenge, but we made it through! One special memory from the visit: my dad was kind of floating in and out of lucidity while we were visiting, but right as we were getting ready to get on the road to go home, he told us he wished we were staying longer and then asked if we had prayed yet (I remember that all growing up, we always said a prayer for safety any time we went on a road trip). We hadn’t, so he said a prayer for our trip. He didn’t lose his train of thought at all during the prayer. It touched my heart so deeply to hear my daddy praying for our safety, as well as thanking Heavenly Father for the time we had been able to enjoy together. I’m so grateful for eternal families! Now…ready for the deluge of photos? 😉

Our Trip in Pictures (they are all mixed together since there were too many for me to feel like organizing):

This is right before we left for California. She sure loves ceiling fans!
Handsome boy with a new haircut for the trip.
Glad to be out of the car and at the hotel (in New Mexico) for the night. We split the trip out there into two days.
Joseph and Luna (Jason and Saira’s daughter) playing with moon sand.
Hanging out with Uncle Aaron.
My brother, Gary brought his bagpipes. It was so great to hear him play again (even if Joseph said the sound was annoying his ears, haha).
Bouncin’ away.
Sleepin’ cousins, haha.
Playing on the tablet…
Playing games together.
I promise this isn’t all they did…it just looks that way, haha.
Trying to get a picture with all the Darr cousins all looking at the camera at the same time proved…challenging.
Airplanes at Knott’s.
This happy girl just chilled with me while the boys rode the rides.
The carousel.
Playing piano with Grandma.
Hangin’ with Daddy at Knott’s.
Abigail meeting Snoopy.
She seemed a bit confused by him…
I still can hardly believe he went on this ride solo…
Getting ready to ride the roller coaster.
She eventually decided Snoopy was okay.
Sitting on Grandma’s lap.
Getting rather wiggly.
Joseph with Snoopy.
Hanging out with Charlie Brown. Joseph was making goofy faces for the camera.
Meeting Grandpa.
Miniature golf with Paul.
Oddly enough, this is one of his favorite rides at Knott’s.
Holding Grandpa’s hand.
Any time Grandpa saw Abigail, he wanted to hold her.
I love that I can see the love for his grandbabies in his eyes!
Joseph on that crazy ride…
Another miniature golf shot.
I sure love these two!
Paul says that he kept sticking his hands out…the daredevil!
Another plane shot…
Riding on the swings.
Grandpa really enjoyed talking with Joseph.
Another shot of Joseph and Snoopy.
Abigail checking out Grandpa’s fish pillows.



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  1. I absolutely love these pictures! The little hat! Playing piano with grandma! And, love the story of your dad’s prayer .

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