A New Goal

It is my new goal to post on here more often. I used to post a lot when I first started blogging, but then it kind of fell to the wayside. It wasn’t until I was talking to a close friend (who mentioned that she checked it to see how I was doing, but very sweetly didn’t mention that I hadn’t updated it in MONTHS) that I realized that people actually read this…lol I have also had Paul set it up so that it also posts as a note on Facebook. If anybody wants to comment, they can do so via Facebook (we had to put the security settings really high because I was getting hit with A LOT of spam…no, really, I DON’T need male enhancement vitamins!). Perhaps it would be best to give everyone a little update of what has been going on in our lives. We have been on vacation for the past 2 1/2 weeks…we go back on Monday. I have enjoyed having the time off to recuperate…lol (I am beginning to realize that breaks from school might be more for the teachers than for the kids!) but I have missed the paycheck (I know, how mercenary of me!) so I am actually looking forward to going back (please, no hate mail!). If you check back with me in a few months, I will probably be singing a different tune, but until then…let’s see…what else? I have probably mentioned this already, but I am the Primary pianist for our new ward, as well as the Girl’s Activity Day’s leader. I love working with the girls. They are so funny, cute, and sweet at this age. We are loving our rental house…the extra space is SO nice. It’s also nice knowing that we are not sharing a wall with someone else, or worrying that we are making too much noise for the people downstairs. We have been able to have a couple of parties, and it has been great! That seems to be it for now, but we are looking forward to the adventures that this new year will introduce.


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