A Couple of Especially Hot Days and 16 Years!

Weekly Happenings: Our week started off with a bang…on Sunday night, our AC stopped working. Paul was able to take a couple of days off work to install a window AC in our room (so that we would at least have one cool room to all sleep in since the AC company couldn’t send someone out until Tuesday) and be here for when the repairman showed up (I always feel better when he’s here for that type of thing). The compressor stopped working, so we opted to replace the entire outside unit (since that was not much more than replacing just the compressor). While waiting for the repairman to be able to come, we spent a lot of time in other air conditioned areas. The middle of the week was pretty typical and we ended the week with a much more preferable event: our 16th wedding anniversary. We exchanged gifts (I got a new purse and Paul got a new ball cap and a beard-grooming kit), went out for dinner, and then let the kids run around at the local outdoor mall playground.

The Weekly Weather: Warm and sunny…not too humid, which has been nice.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy with work but has enjoyed having his evenings back to be able to relax and hang out more with the family.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been keeping the kids happily entertained. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He enjoyed getting to go meet his first grade teacher. He’s excited that his teacher likes superheroes just like him, and is looking forward to seeing his school friends again.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Just about everything, haha. She keeps us on her toes with her ever-increasing reach and wins us over with her sweet little phrases (“there you go”, “thank you”, “hi”, “awww”, and the like).

This Week in Pictures:


This is the result of about two minutes with the book box. I was surprised when she lifted the entire thing (after she’d emptied it about halfway) to bring to me. That’s how it ended up on the floor. She is definitely a determined child.
We were waiting for Paul to run a quick errand when this pigeon just randomly landed on our car. Joseph got a kick out of it (he loves a specific set of books that feature a pigeon).
This was our set up for Monday night (Abigail had already napped in our room on Monday afternoon). Thank goodness our room is so big!
Waking up from one last nap session in Mom and Dad’s room on Tuesday afternoon. The AC repairman was able to replace the outdoor unit about an hour after I took this picture, so both kids were able to be back in their own rooms that night.
Pushing Minnie in her stroller.
Busy builder.
She loves these things!
Anniversary flowers and my new purse.
Paul showing off his beard. I think it looks really good on him.
Family shot! Abigail really liked seeing herself (and I think she might have been saying “hi” to everyone else).
This is where 16 years of marriage has taken us. It’s been a wild and rough ride at times, but it’s also been amazing.

Bonus Video: Abigail dancing to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse exit song (and saying “bye” to the characters)


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