A California Christmas

So the big thing that I have been leading up to was our trip to California for Christmas. I didn’t mention it before, since I don’t like to advertise when we are not going to be home. We had a wonderful trip! Alice (along with Miles and Cadence) and Dave (and Jolee) were also there, as well as Aaron and his family (Aaron and Tara also stopped by with their family as well). It was such a wonderful trip! We left on the evening of the 23rd, drove straight through, and got to CA on Christmas Eve. We had fun hanging out with family, seeing old friends, and going to Knott’s Berry Farm. We left on the 2nd and took the trip home in two days, staying at a motel in Deming, New Mexico, and getting home last night. Joseph got to see a sunrise (he said, “Look! It’s glowing up! It’s the day!”) and Grandpa got a taste of how much Joseph likes soft things (namely the rug in their bathroom. He was watching Dad comb his hair and when he stepped on the bath mat, he said, “Oh, it’s soft!” and proceeded to lay down on it, lol). As for the rest, well, I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking. I was going to try to keep them in chronological order, but I’m not sure how successful I’ll be.

This TRIP in pictures:

Reading with cousin Cadence.
Playing dinosaurs. Joseph let her know exactly what kinds they had.
Playing catch with Grandpa.
I love the adoration in Joseph’s eyes. He sure loves his grandpa!
This is another favorite of mine.
Hanging out with Uncle Dave.
Silly guys!
Playing with Lincoln Logs.
Hanging out on the couch together.
Loving all the snuggles!
15 - 5 (1)
Christmas morning. He got fruit snacks and goldfish crackers in his stocking.
15 - 7
Along with another car for his collection.
15 - 15
He really got into unwrapping gifts this year.
15 - 14
I found him a Mater (from “Cars”). He’s been asking for one for a couple of months now.
15 - 8
Unwrapping his book (Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Please Go Now).
15 - 9
He also got a new dress shirt for church.
15 - 12
He was so grateful for everything he got. It was nice to see, as a parent.
15 - 6
Unwrapping his big gift.
15 - 11
We got him a garage for all his cars.
15 - 18
Playing with the garage.
15 - 3 (1)
It’s pretty cool…
Uncle Dave couldn’t resist!
15 - 1 (1)
Balloon ride at Knott’s.
15 - 16
Up they go!
15 - 4 (1)
On the carousel.
15 - 13
Family picture!
15 - 19
We got him a Woodstock to go with last year’s Snoopy (also in the picture).
We stopped by Fry’s on the way home from Knott’s and Joseph wanted a picture in front of the model spaceship controls.
15 - 17
Watching YouTube videos of Super Mario Brothers on Daddy’s computer.
Movie night!
Playing with Dave’s dog, Maggie.
She was so sweet, and very patient with Joseph.
Snuggling up to Grandma.
Grandpa needed to come for snuggles, too, Joseph said.
Playing with cousin Braxton.
Alice, Cadence, and I went for a little hike up some of the foothills by Mom and Dad’s. This is a shot of Mt. Roubidoux (the sun was breaking through the clouds and lit up just the top of the mountain).
Scenery from about halfway up.
Hanging out with cousins Daniel and Andrew. He called them Mario and Luigi, lol.
15 - 1 (2)
Aaron took his kids and Joseph to the park. Joseph had a blast!
15 - 2 (2)
I used to play on this turtle when I was a kid.
15 - 10
Playing with Grandma’s shape-sorter.
15 - 2 (1)
At lunch with friends (Ray and Glynda). Joseph decided that fries dipped in aus jus were really good.
15 - 5
Taking a walk with Uncle Jason. Jason offered to come watch Joseph so that Paul and I could squeeze in lunch and a movie (we saw the latest Hobbit movie).
15 - 1
Joseph loves his Uncle Jason.
15 - 4
Getting dressed for the day. 🙂
This is how Joseph rung in the new year. 😉
15 - 3
At our motel room in Deming, NM (on the drive home).
15 - 2
The “awesome view” from our room. 😉
Playing in the snow at a rest stop a bit out of Fort Stockton, TX.
He found it wasn’t very good for jumping.
But it was fine for dancing.
He liked how it crunched under his feet.
Discovering that it’s quite slippery.
“Okay…ready to go home now!”



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