A Bunch of Sickies

Weekly Happenings: The beginning of this past week was mainly spent trying to get over whatever gunk we all had. Paul had bronchitis and the rest of us had a bad cold. We stayed home from church to make sure we didn’t share our germs and Joseph ended up staying home from school on Monday. I took Abigail in to be checked out mainly because her appetite had been decreased for quite a few days. She checked out okay (no ear infection or anything else), so it was just her cold making her not want to eat. She also gained almost two pounds in a month, so I don’t think I need to be worried about her appetite (especially since she seems to be back to eating normally), haha. Yesterday we decided to go to the zoo after Abigail got up from her afternoon nap. It was so nice! I love having passes. Since we’re not paying for entrance for just one day, we can show up about an hour before closing (when it’s not crowded because most people are heading out at that point), wander around, and not worry about not getting to see everything.

The Weekly Weather: It’s really been a mix. Cold, dry, rainy, warmer…we pretty much experienced it all, haha.

What Paul’s Been Up To: I think he might finally be feeling a bit better, which is good. Other than that, work and school have kept him pretty busy.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Laundry, disinfecting stuff, etc., haha. Toss that in with my normal weekly stuff and I found plenty of things to keep me occupied. 🙂 I also went to book club, which was really nice. I haven’t been for quite some time. It was nice to see friends I hadn’t seen in a while and to have an intellectual discussion about a good book.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Once he got over his cold, he went back to school and had a grand ol’ time. 🙂 Other things that keep him busy: making his own LEGO creations, reading, playing on his DS and tablet, and watching Abigail for me.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been getting steadier on her feet (standing), loves getting into things she ought not to, and enjoys making a myriad of sounds accompanied by slobber, haha. It’s a good thing she’s so cute! 😉

This Week in Pictures:

Cute lil’ dino!
She’s ready for her close-up!
She kept trying to take them off…until I told her I was going to take her picture…then she stopped, looked right at me, and smiled, haha.
THIS is the Texas January I’m used to! He’s blowing bubbles to entertain her. 🙂
Entertaining themselves…
Baby boots!
She was NOT happy with me when I had to wake her up to go get Joseph from school, but she stopped mid-cry when I showed her the boots. She then reached for them with a little smile on her face. A girl after my own heart! 😉
Posing with the bear at the zoo (darn sun in his eyes).
Checking out the small cats (this was the caracal, I believe).
The zoo is getting ready for a dinosaur exhibit in the summer. This animatronic dino was pretty awesome.
Zoo train fun!
The boys on the train.

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