A Bit of a Scare Followed by a Regular Week

Weekly Happenings: Last Sunday, right at the end of church, I noticed that I was spotting just a little bit. Since I had been also feeling a lot of pressure and some pain, we decided that it would probably be a good idea to drop Joseph off at a friend’s house (I’m so grateful for good friends who are there at a drop of a hat) and head over to the ER. We packed quick bags in case the stay was longer than planned and headed out. When we got to the ER, they sent us to Labor and Delivery. Once there, they checked me in and started monitoring Abigail. She was still moving around, her heart rate was good, and I wasn’t contracting at all. They ran a few tests and determined that I simply had a UTI. Yeesh. I also got pretty light-headed (due to missing dinner) and puked (wee, fun). They tested my blood sugar (which wasn’t low, but it was headed that way) and gave me some graham crackers and peanut butter to eat. We got discharged (since I was no longer spotting), picked up Joseph, and then Paul went on a search to find a pharmacy that was open. Luckily, the antibiotics seemed to start working rather quickly, so I recovered quickly. The rest of the week was pretty laid back. There was one night where we decided to go to Bass Pro Shops to walk around. I had forgotten that Paul had told me they already had all of their Christmas stuff out. Luckily it wasn’t busy. We let Joseph wander around and play the free games. He also got to go on the carousel. We’ll go back after Thanksgiving to do some more of the stuff, but it was a pretty fun night. Last night, we took him to La Cantera to play in the play area. It was pretty chilly, but he still had fun.

The Weekly Weather: As I mentioned, yes, yesterday was pretty chilly. The first part of the week was warmer (high 70s and even some low 80s), but as the weekend approached, the temperature dropped quite quickly (in fact, last night’s low was in the 30s). I think *fingers crossed* that fall might have arrived finally!

What Paul’s Been Up To: The big thing he worked on this past week was finishing up his office. There are a few finishing touches that he needs to do, but it’s done for the most part. He finished the insulation, put up all the plywood walls, put up some shelves for storage, and put all the light and electrical outlet covers on. Woo-hoo!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I had an appointment with my perinatologist on Monday, along with an ultrasound. Abigail is looking perfect and is weighing an estimated 5.8 pounds. I’m still teaching piano for a little while longer and I’m also working with the choir to get Christmas music ready for next month. We’ll see if I’m there for the performance on Christmas Day. 😉

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Mainly just school, playing, and being an all-together sweet little guy. 🙂 He’s been so helpful as of late. We’ll see if it sticks after baby comes. 😉

This Week in Pictures:

Checking out our Dragonology book. A friend gave it to us a couple of years back and Joseph loves it!
Taking a silly picture with a very snuggly boy.
Joseph saved up enough Buddy Bucks points (and acquired some from a friend who moved out of state and couldn’t use his) to get this hat. He was pretty excited.
Our weather predictions for the next little bit.
Playing at Bass Pros. He loved this thing!
He also loved that we let him play as long as he wanted (there weren’t any other kids waiting).
On the carousel. I love that they put this up every year and that it’s free!
He and Paul were the only ones on there. Pretty cool to get a private ride!
Momma needed a little down time, so it was blanket fort tablet time.
Whoops! I got caught taking his picture. 🙂
And we’ve got walls and shelves! Now it’s just finishing touches and moving in. 🙂

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