Where Are My Ruby Slippers?!

Weekly Happenings: This week started off with a bang. Sunday evening, both my phone and Paul’s phone went off with an emergency alert. The only one that we have activated is tornado warnings, so we checked and sure enough, there was a tornado warning for our area. The National Weather Service had caught the rotation starting on radar. We gathered the kids (and their tablets/electronic devices) and hunkered down in the only place in our house that is on the first level without a window, the bathroom. Abigail thought it was a party, but Joseph was a little more concerned. We talked him through it and told him to play his games as a distraction. Paul checked outside a few times, said he didn’t like the look of the clouds, so we stayed there for about half an hour. Paul looked outside one more time and said the sky looked better, so we came out of the bathroom but stayed downstairs for a little while longer. The warning expired and we got the kids to bed. The next day, they confirmed that an EF1 (winds topping out at 100 mph) did, in fact, touch down very briefly (the officials said they saw a path that was about half a mile long) a few miles away from us, in another neighborhood. There was damage to homes (some missing parts of roofs, holes in siding from debris, and the like), but no injuries that I’ve heard. We were very, very lucky. Then on Wednesday night, we had a hail storm that dropped marble-sized hail on us. It was just crazy! Miraculously, our home, fences, and trees all seem fine. We are definitely saying prayers of thanks right now! Other than all of that, not much else happened this week. Well, except for today. Today, I happened to see a post just in time to get it set up so that Joseph and I could watch the launch of the Space X rocket today. He thought it was pretty cool to be able to see a launch live, with real-life astronauts. I thought it was pretty cool, too!

The Weekly Weather: I think I’ve said almost everything I can about this already, haha. We had a couple of lesser thunderstorms move through and give us a bit of rain, but it’s mostly been sunny and warm.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Mostly just work. Not really much else to report on that front.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mostly just keeping up with the tail-end of Joseph’s school work (he now only has four days left…yay!).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Just cranking out those last few assignments and mostly playing with LEGOs, Pokemon cards, video games. He’s also been devouring some new books I got for him.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She has perfected her loft-trashing technique. She can make it look like a toy store exploded in a rather surprisingly short amount of time. Luckily, I have pretty much perfected my put-away technique, so it only takes me a little bit longer to put it all away (with her help, of course…because I’m a mom, not a maid). Assuming she hasn’t squirreled any of the toys in odd places, which sometimes happens.

This Week in Pictures:

One of Joseph’s assignments for school gave him the option of choosing between a few different projects. One project involved a challenge to build a few things with LEGOs. He jumped on that one, for sure. He chose to build a robot (pictured here)…
…an airplane (I love that he included a pilot)…
…and a maze that a marble could navigate. He had a ton of fun doing it. I love that his teacher provided some out of the box assignments.
My basil, that was so little after I had to trim off the infected bits (it only had three little leaves left on it) has really come back!
She said she was tired and asked if she could play with her tablet. She then climbed into bed with it. It’s hard to tell, but in this picture, she’s also wearing her puppy backpack. In fact, she wore that thing all day that day.
Between the tornado and hail storm, I feel a renewed gratefulness for my covered patios. Paul said our tomato had tipped over a bit (not the whole pot…just the cage…I think), so he tied the cage to the post.
Abigail has loved watching these go from green to orange to red. She loves to eat them!
I’m grateful these are under a covered patio in the front. They would NOT have fared well during the storms.
Living the best 3YO life: snacks, a drink, and a favorite show on TV.
I know it isn’t June quite yet, but my Mondays are rather busy, so I thought I’d update both the calendar on the fridge and the quote board.
Just hanging out on a lazy Saturday.
The rocket taking off!
It was so cool to watch! It was also cool to hear the cheers from Mission Control in the background.

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