What We’ve Been Up To

We had a wonderful vacation to California. The past two weeks have been full of celebrating (both Abigail’s birthday and Christmas), fun (a couple of theme parks), and family. It was so great! So…get ready for a TON of pictures…oh, and I threw in a couple pictures from today since it was Abigail’s first day in Primary as a Sunbeam (the youngest class in the children’s Sunday School organization at church). 😀

Getting a picture of this one is tough.
I asked her to smile and got this as a result, haha.
I asked for a happy face and got this. 🙂
Grandma’s house has a lot of good napping places.
Abigail’s cake.
Her brother makes a good chair.
This is Abigail’s cousin who is almost a full year older than her.
They have a fun relationship, for sure!
Sometimes it was rough getting them (mainly Abigail) to share toys, but they made it work.
Uncle Jason, Luna, and Abigail.
Lighting the candles.
She loved getting sung to!
Blowing out the candles.
She got some board games from my brother Aaron and his family.
Opening up a present from Uncle Jason, Aunt Saira, and Luna.
A book and a Mickey Mouse clubhouse!
She got a Fisher Price Little People school house from us.
Joseph loved cousin time!
Even though Abigail had a bed made up on the floor (with a cushy foam pad to sleep on), she still insisted on sleeping in Joseph’s bed a couple of times.
Knott’s Berry Farm.
They both loved this plane.
This is probably Joseph’s favorite ride.
Going for a balloon ride.
Girl selfie!
Sitting next to Sally.
This was a fun ride, too.
Contrary to the look on his face, he really likes this ride, haha.
Roller coaster!
Up in the Ferris wheel.
Riding the carousel.
I love this silly boy!
Giving her doll a ride on her shoulders like she’s getting a ride on Daddy’s shoulders.
Santa filled our stockings!
Seeing the stockings.
Checking out the goods.
She was excited to see that Santa brought her more water coloring books.
The tree!
Christmas fun.
Checking out a new book.
Unwrapping her big present (a Minnie Mouse toy box).
I think he was just a little excited to get this Nintendo Switch, haha.
Rocking his festive shirt.
Checking out the new toy box once Daddy put it together.
Sporting her holiday shirt and her new unicorn slippers.
Playing with her new pots, pans, and play food.
Figuring out that the toy box can double as a seat.
My new boots!
Paul surprised me with a set of leather earrings. I love them!
Christmas fun is exhausting!
One thing I love about visiting my mom: snow-capped (or in this case, snow-drenched, since the snow came down really low this time) mountains in the distance.
Playing cars with Uncle Dave.
Uncle Dave is also a great person to build things with.
At Castle Park (a small amusement park/mini golf).
Funnel cake!
He loved the rides there.
Another swing ride.
In this ride that has a sort of a sail.
Paul said Joseph had a ton of fun making this thing tilt way over, haha.
More cousin fun!
Abigail had a great time with her “girl cousin” who very patiently played games with her.
Some dear friends met up with us for lunch and brought gifts for the kids. Joseph got a cool LEGO set.
Abigail got some Frozen characters (she is currently obsessed with the first movie…it will be fun when she can see the second one).
Paul’s brother drove up to the mountains and brought some snow back down with him. Many snowballs were thrown, haha.
Playing in Grandma’s back yard.
I love the peak of snow back there.
Helping Uncle Dave with some yard work.
There was an old stump left over from the apple tree my dad cut down a couple years before he died, so Dave took out the stump and let Joseph help him.
Paul pulling Abigail in the wagon.
She was delighted to see a “just her size” wheelbarrow.
Joseph pulling Abigail and her doll.
She was insistent that Marcie got to ride, too.
Paul pulling both the kids (and Marcie, of course).
She’s found another good napping spot.
Wrapping paper tubes make good communication devices.
Yet another nap…
Another trip to Castle Park.
The winter passes made sense to get since they could go just twice to make it cheaper than buying two separate days worth of tickets. I think they ended up going three times.
Pretty sunset!
Out to lunch with some more awesome friends.
Hey look, we’re all looking at the camera!
At the park near my mom’s house.
I loved this turtle when I was little!
That’s my elementary school in the background.
She wanted her puppy backpack on and then she was pretending to be a puppy.
Joseph would toss the “stick” and she’d retrieve it.
Then he’d give her a treat (a goldfish cracker).
One last Castle Park outing.
This is a fun thing for Paul and Joseph to do together to get some extra dad and son time.
Her first day as a Sunbeam! I think she did fine (at least there were no reports otherwise, haha).
A nativity from our dear friends. It was made in Bethlehem and if you twist the star, it plays Silent Night. 🙂

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  1. Love seeing all the pictures. The tree was beautiful! Erin& Matt have been in Utah for the last month. But, their Abigail parallels your Abigail! She is having a great time with her cousins and they had a little graduation ceremony with a cap and everything from nursery to sunbeams. When Abi goes to other wards, she has been going to Sunbeams as she turns 4 on the 15th. It is cold here in Seattle, a moist cold! I was jealous seeing the warm climate at your mom’s house! Sounds like you had a great time.

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