Welcome, August!

Weekly Happenings: I can hardly believe that it’s already August. It seems like not too long ago I was having to remind myself to write “2014” on checks and tithing slips. I’m glad that the beginning of the month is kind of calm, because once we hit towards the end of the month and celebrate our anniversary (12 years…woah), things are going to really start picking up, what with birthdays and the holidays right around the corner. We kind of took this past week easy. It’s sort of become a pattern with us. I think that part of the issue is that with the heat and humidity, I don’t really feel like going outside. 😉

The Weekly Weather: It’s been hot, but not as humid as it was last week. We still like to spend quite a bit of time inside, though. I’m really looking forward to fall!

What Paul’s Been Up To: Working hard, as usual. He also finished up the last box to go around our trees (kind of like a border). The trees look really nice. 🙂 He also took Joseph to the zoo on Saturday since I needed to go to a baby shower.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Working with piano students, giving my choir the month off (so many people go on vacation during August that it’s hard to get enough people to sing), keeping Joseph healthy and happy, and reading a classic that I really should have read years ago…The Count of Monte Cristo…it’s SO good! Oh, and saying goodbye to one of my friends (her family is moving to Colorado). I didn’t get a chance to get to know her as much as I would have liked (I thought I’d have more time…that’ll teach me)!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Enjoying small outings (like the zoo, or the outdoor mall that’s by us; it has a play area that he loves to play in). We also went to Chick-fil-a for a going away lunch for my friend. I fed him ahead of time, since I knew the play area would be way too much of a distraction. He got to play in the play-place for over an hour, so he was in Heaven! He also had his first successful potty-on-the-toilet experience (where he actually went, instead of just sitting there); he hasn’t shown interest in the potty since, so I suppose it’s baby-steps, and his first (of what I’m sure will be many) job of being messenger between me and Paul (I was downstairs with him and needed Paul for something, but knew I wouldn’t be able to call loud enough, so I had Joseph go tell Paul that I needed him). He was so proud of himself for doing that!

This Week in Pictures:

Another entry for the “Everything’s a Hat” category.
We came across this hat in the birthday aisle at Hobby Lobby. Can’t beat $2.50 for a hat for a little boy who loves to pretend to be a cowboy.
He kept saying that he was “Cowboy Joseph”.
He wasn’t really a fan of the string. I think it got in the way.
The day after we bought the hat, he insisted on wearing one of his “cowboy shirts”.
He wanted me to “battle” him. Weapons of choice: a bubble gun and a shortened pool noodle.
He built a road for one of his cars.
At the playground at the outdoor mall.
Several of the toys are musically-inspired…like these drums. There’s also a xylophone-type toy that he likes.
Checking out one of his favorite places.
He loves the hippos and the fish.
Someone offered to take Paul’s picture. 🙂
I love Joseph’s scrunchy nose in this one.
Joseph likes being able to see himself…and make faces.
Paul said that for most of the zoo trip, Joseph preferred to ride on his shoulders. I can’t say that I blame him. He gets a much better view of the zoo that way.
On the train. 🙂
It’s seriously the highlight of the zoo trip.




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