Rinse and Repeat (sigh)

Weekly Happenings: This past week started out well. I caught up on the housework and took Joseph to a science show at the library. He really liked it. The person was calling themselves a “mad scientist” and was doing all sorts of demonstrations with fire, flash paper, dry ice, bubbles, and the always cool egg-in-a-bottle. Then Joseph woke up on Thursday with a fever. I had Paul come home from work early so that I wouldn’t need to cancel piano lessons (he took Joseph out of the house so that the students wouldn’t be exposed to his germs). Friday I took him into his doctor and asked them to do the throat swab for strep (since he had just stopped antibiotics on Sunday). It came back positive. 🙁 He either was re-exposed or the antibiotics didn’t get it all the first time. I tend to lean toward the second possibility. So it’s more antibiotics until Tuesday. *sigh* Saturday we decided that since Joseph’s fever was gone and he was acting normally, we could take a trip up to Austin. We ate lunch at In-n-Out and stopped by IKEA to pick up a table that Joseph could use as a train table. 🙂 Today was Fathers’ Day, so we gave Paul his cards, went to church, and came home to have a really yummy dinner (eggs, bacon, grits, and fried potatoes).

The Weekly Weather: For the most part, this past week was really nice. Overcast in the mornings and warmer in the afternoons. There was one instance of having a tornado watch (no tornado, though, thank goodness), some random rain storms, and a crazy thunderstorm (which I’ve kind of gotten used to).

What Paul’s Been Up To: Paul has put in an application to start the Pathway program that is online via BYU-I. He’s looking at getting a computer degree. 🙂 He also spent quite a bit of time yesterday putting Joseph’s train table together.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I got to meet with my book club this week. I love getting together with my friends and discussing deeper aspects of fun books. I also got to go to a Relief Society activity which was all about Family Home Evening. It was a fun night. 🙂 I’m also trying to work out more. Finally, I spent about 2 hours weeding the front yard (our next door neighbor put down grass seed that spread into our yard, so I was pulling out the grass). I was kind of sore the next day, but not as bad as I would have been had I not worked out all week, lol.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Being his cute self as usual. 🙂 When we went to the doctor’s, he was working really hard to follow the instructions of the MA and the doctor. He would take deep breaths when asked, turn his head so that they could look in his ears, etc. The only thing he didn’t cooperate with (understandably so) was the throat swab procedure. After the MA finished taking his measurements and vitals, he told her, “Thank you, doctor!”

This Week in Pictures:

Watching “Little Einsteins”. He really gets into parts of it and dances around the room.
When Mommy goes to Relief Society activities, Daddy and Joseph sometimes go out for cheeseburgers.
He really likes the number cards.
This was the morning before I took him back into the doctor. I think we caught his strep relapse before he started feeling too sick again. He’s always my smiley boy.
He pulled out the tape measure and told me that he was two. 🙂
An auto-awesome picture that Google+ put together of Joseph playing with his new train table.
Paul decided to put some molding around the edge to make a lip so that the track couldn’t fall off.
Trim attached…
Trim painted and base painted (just needs a bit of touch up).
My handsome boys after church today. Joseph made the “tie” in nursery.

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