Pumpkin Patch Fun

Weekly Happenings: We had a pretty fun week. As Halloween gets closer, I’m realizing how much fun it’s going to be with Joseph this year. Last year he was a bit young to fully understand what was going on. This year, he’s looking forward to dressing up and even trick-or-treating. We attended a Halloween-themed play date at a friend’s house (Joseph had a blast), went to the park, and then wrapped up the week with a trip out to the pumpkin patch. The patch was out in Bandera, which is about an hour’s drive away. It was totally worth the drive, though. We had so much fun! The weather was cool(ish) and there were a lot of things to look at and do (a maze, a barrel-train ride, a hay-ride, petting-zoo ponies, etc.).

The Weekly Weather: The weather has been nice and cool in the morning and evenings but a little warm during the afternoon. If it weren’t for the humidity (though it’s not as high as it was in the summer), I would think I was back in California. 😉

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s chugging away at his college courses, keeping busy at work, and helping out where he can (for example, he taught the lesson in Elders’ Quorum today).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been keeping busy getting back to reality with my students, post-recital, as well as working with my ward choir to get ready for Christmas. The songs we are singing are so fun!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Being cute as always. The other day, I caught him playing “rock, paper, scissors” with himself. I’m still trying to figure out where he learned about the game because Paul and I didn’t teach it to him…he is also still as social as ever. When we went to the park this week (I walked there with him in the stroller instead of driving), as I was starting to get him out of the stroller, he spotted some kids about his size. He started trying really hard to get out (even though I was working on getting him out), meanwhile yelling, “HI! I’M JOSEPH!!!!” over and over again.

This Week in Pictures: Warning! Because of our trip to the pumpkin patch, there are a LOT of pictures this week!

Stacking blocks
My little Linus.
Dressing up in Daddy’s old uniform.
He told me he loved me and had to go to work.
14 - 2 (23)
Riding his bike at dusk.
14 - 1 (47)
Paul came up with the idea of the reflective belt (it’s his old PT belt). I like it for when it’s getting dark.
I love this little man!
He found some of Paul’s old Halloween teeth.
14 - 1 (46)
His mask from his Halloween play date. They also played ghost bowling with a ball and some toilet paper rolls that were decorated to look like ghosts, followed up by a lunch of hot dog mummies and fruit.
IMG_20141021_191708 (1)
Is he going to be left-handed?!
IMG_20141021_191658 (1)
Or right-handed…we can’t tell. He switches back and forth as it suits him, lol.
IMG_20141021_182124 (1)
Playing with his jack-in-the-box.
He loves that thing!
He’s getting pretty good…
Brushing ponies at the pumpkin patch.
Joseph was glad Daddy was in there…the ponies are bigger than the goats he’s used to.
14 - 23
Going into the maze.
14 - 22
He loved being able to just run.
14 - 21
He kept saying, “Oh no! We’re stuck!”
14 - 20
Running to the end…we made it! He wanted to go into the maze multiple times.
14 - 19
Posing for a picture.
14 - 18
Getting ready to ride the barrel train.
14 - 4 (8)
We had to get at least one picture of him in this thing.
14 - 13
He loved it!
14 - 9 (1)
Not as much as he loved this hay-bale tractor, though.
14 - 17
I mean, c’mon! It had a steering wheel!
14 - 7 (3)
It was hard getting him off the thing.
14 - 8 (1)
A cool effect for one picture.
14 - 6 (5)
He wanted to go see more stuff…
14 - 12 (1)
14 - 3 (11)
A little farther away.
14 - 11 (1)
He liked this bridge that led out to a pergola on an island in the middle of a pond (the previous two pictures were in the pergola).
14 - 5 (6)
Hay ride.
14 - 14
Looking at the trees that the farm grows.
14 - 15
Adding his artwork…they had sheets of paper pinned up so that kids could draw.
Dressing a scarecrow.
IMG_20141025_113126556 (1)
Making sure the coat is on straight.
Finishing touch!
14 - 2 (22)
He seriously had a blast at this pumpkin patch.
14 - 1 (45)
His first sucker, ever. After we were done at the pumpkin patch, we went to Bobby J’s (a great hamburger joint). They gave Joseph a sucker as part of the kid’s meal. I didn’t think he’d want it because he’s usually anti-sweets, but he decided that he liked it.
14 - 10 (1)
It turned his lips an awesome shade of blue and he ate the entire thing (it was a Dum-Dum, so it wasn’t incredibly huge to begin with…perfect size for him).

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