Picture Overload?

Weekly Happenings: After a few almost picture-less posts, I think I’ll make up with this one. Monday was a holiday (Memorial Day), so we headed out for some family fun. It was raining in the morning, so we headed to the mall to wait out the storm. After it cleared up, we headed to the kiddie park (a small amusement park from the 1920’s designed especially for small kids) and then to the zoo. It was a pretty fun-filled day. This past week also included Joseph’s awards ceremony due to it being his last week of pre-k. He’s already asking me when it will be August so that he can start kindergarten. 🙂 I also took him to a birthday party for one of his school friends while Paul and Abigail hung out at home.

The Weekly Weather: It rained quite a bit. Tuesday had the worst of it with flash flooding happening throughout parts of San Antonio. The other storms didn’t yield quite so much at once.

What Paul’s Been Up To: The only really out of the ordinary thing that happened for him was that his commute was rather interesting on Tuesday. The flash flooding closed one of the connectors that he normally uses, so he had to find a detour home (he saw cars stuck in standing water while doing so). Luckily, that was the worst of it, and he got home safely.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much out of the ordinary for me, either. I teach my first lesson in Gospel Doctrine (adult Sunday School class) today, so I spent some time getting that ready.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had tons of fun on Monday and then again at his awards ceremony. It was also an ice cream party, so one award he got (other than his completion certificate) was ice cream-themed. He received the “voluminous vanilla fudge award” for having such a voluminous vocabulary. 😀 He also had fun at the birthday party playing in the water with his friends.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s gotten pretty quick at rolling over onto her tummy (but gets irritated rather quickly because she can’t get back over). One night, I went to check on her because she was fussing in her bed. I was surprised to see her turned completely 180 degrees from how I had left her in bed. So it begins, haha. One cute thing she did happened while I was holding her. She noticed the shadow of her hand on the back of the chair and kept trying to pick it up. I love all the discovering that this age yields! I also moved her up a size in clothing. Now she’s in 12 month/9-12 month stuff (mainly for length; the 9 month/6-9 month stuff was getting too short).

This Week in Pictures:

It ended up not raining every single day, but there was still a lot of rain.
On the carousel at the kiddie park. I loved that it was an old wooden one.
Riding a train ride. All the rides were these old cast-iron ones.
Riding the ferris wheel.
A cool b&w that Paul got of the ferris wheel.
Riding the spaceships.
Joseph loved that he could go on all the rides by himself.
Riding in the boats.
The airplane ride.
He liked being in the bus. He told me he made friends with the other kids in the bus.
Checking out the jaguars at the zoo.
Posing for a bug cut-out picture.
Normally when I put her on this mat, she’ll do this exact thing after playing for a while. Extra naps aren’t a bad thing. 🙂
On Tuesday, we had gotten home from school pick-up about ten minutes before this happened…
When cars would drive by, the water would splash up past their windows. The bases of the driveways were all flooded and we had this mini river in between our yard and the yard next to us.
Wearing one of her new onesies (a friend of mine got it for her). It says, “I’m a little ball of gas”. 😀
Getting his awards.
Singing their “kindergarten here we come” song.
Class picture!
Hanging out with his friends at the ice cream party (Ian, Jax, Mia, Olivia).
I love all the friends he made (Rosemary, Jax, Ian).
With one of his besties, Jax.
This was the teacher’s assistant, Ms. Bea.
His awesome teacher, Mrs. Weiland.
Another bestie, Ian.
And yet another one, Sullivan.
Oh, wait, we can’t forget Ronny (and Jax again).
Hanging out with another friend, Baylee.

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