I had several peek-a-boo moments pop up in my pictures this past week. I’ve been trying to be more observant of little things around me and it’s been nice to slow down and take a look around. The kids have been enjoying fun activities at school as the school year is starting to wrap up (we’ve only got two weeks left before summer vacation starts. It’s crazy that the year has just flown by like it has!

Paul cut back some of the wildflowers since they only bloom once and then need to be cut back. In the bare spot, he planted some really pretty flowers that he got from Lowe’s. I was curious as to what they were called, so I took a picture and uploaded it to an app I have on my phone. The app said that it’s called scarlet sage, and while it traditionally comes in red, they have been able to cultivate other colors like the vibrant purple that you can also see in the picture.
Peek-a-boo! I was sitting on the couch reading while she was playing. After a bit, I felt like I was being watched. It turns out I was! I made her these binoculars out of some paper cups I had laying around and apparently they are perfect for spy situations.
Peek-a-boo! I walked out onto the back patio and spotted this guy on Paul’s workbench. I had startled him, so he flared his dewlap at me, but didn’t run. I snuck back out for a quick picture.
Abigail had a bit of a rough start to school back in August. Rules and routines are HARD, y’all…especially when nobody your size (including you) has been socialized hardly at all because of a pandemic that started when you were toddlers. Her teacher recognized that she has been trying really hard to learn how to be kind to her friends, how to follow the school rules, and how to balance her time between work and play. Abigail was super proud to show me her medal and certificate. 💕
I love listening to her as she’s making up little stories with her toys.
Peek-a-boo! This time, I caught him on the back of Paul’s office. That’s why he’s brown in this picture, I think (they can change from brown to green).
One last peek-a-boo! I think he had just climbed out of the mint plants and was chilling on the wheels of Paul’s push cart. I love how vibrant he is here!
With the summertime temps already hitting us hard, frozen custard is a great way to cool down. 😁
A good friend gave me some soap that she made. The bathroom smells really good and I’m set up for quite a while!
Plus, look at the cute mold she used!
The little container I’m using as a soap dish came in a pack of four. I was trying to think of other uses for the other containers and then I thought about my kitchen sink plugs. I like to have them out for convenience, but at the same time, I don’t like them just sitting on the sink. I found the perfect solution!

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