A Mild Case of the Crazies

Weekly Happenings: I think that we’ve hit the wall with summer, haha. We’re roughly halfway through summer vacation and it is showing. The kids are getting a bit stir crazy from not being on our normal schedule (and, admittedly, I am, too). We also need to factor in the fact that Abigail’s sleep habits have been…challenging as of late. At least once a week (but often more than that), she will wake up sad and one of us will need to be with her (either on the couch in the loft or on the extra toddler mattress on the floor in her room) until she falls back to sleep. I’m praying this is just a phase and we’ll get back to normal sleep patterns soon. Other than that, we’ve been doing pretty well. We went swimming at a friend’s pool one day and relaxed around the house on the other days (when we weren’t running regular errands).

The Weekly Weather: It’s been hotter than it has been, but that is to be expected as we move closer to August. I don’t think it even rained this week, which is a switch-up from what has been happening.

What Paul’s Been Up To: There hasn’t been much out of the ordinary for him this past week. It’s mainly been full of work, yard work, and then squeezing in chill time when the first two things are finally done.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been busy keeping the kids occupied and with the piano students that are still coming throughout the summer. The number fluctuates week-to-week as students go on various vacations, so it’s been nice to have a little lighter of a schedule. I also went to my monthly book club meeting which was enjoyable as always.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Video games, LEGO building, sister-watching, and play dates. Ah, summer. I think he’s secretly looking forward to going back to school, seeing his school mates, and getting back into a settled routine. He wouldn’t ever admit it, though. 😉

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Basically she’s up to her usual cute stuff (one example: I made her a makeshift cape out of something in the dress-up bin and she immediately ran off, looking back as she ran, using her hands to hold out the fabric so that it would look like she was flying…she was pretty happy). She’s also been keeping me on my toes with her strong personality and very defined ideas as to just how some things should be done (or not done, which is probably more often the case). Ah the joys of toddler-hood.

This Week in Pictures:

At book club, one of my friends sat down next to me and we started chatting it up. After a few minutes, another friend asked if we had planned to coordinate what we were wearing. Nope. In fact, neither of us had even noticed until it was brought to our attention, haha.
Sometimes the noise and energy level got to me enough that I needed to buy some down-time.
I don’t think the kids minded, though.
She was wanting me to also try on some sunglasses. Ah, the fun of the dress-up box…
A good friend offered us this play wagon for Abigail. After I convinced Abigail that it really wasn’t meant for HER to ride in, I worked on giving her the idea that he stuffed animals would LOVE to ride in it instead.
Wearing Daddy’s hat and gloves (she was clapping, which is why her hands are blurry).

Summer Fun

Weekly Happenings: We really soaked in summer this past week. We had play dates, played around the house, went for a dip in our pool this morning, and basically had a relatively lazy week. I cherish these times because it provides us with a nice breather from the busier weeks.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been warm and sunny. We did have one storm come through mid-week that cooled things down for a day, which was nice. I’ve decided that San Antonio is able to stay green all summer long because of these storms that come through on occasion. We don’t really have instances where it doesn’t rain for weeks on end. Even during the driest part of our year, we still have rainstorms come through to keep things green. It’s so nice!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He was busy at work and continues to work hard keeping the house and yards in good shape. I’m so grateful for all he does!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I got my new glasses! It was a bit funny putting them on because things seemed a little wobbly. It’s just because my astigmatism changed a bit, so I simply need to adjust. Joseph’s been looking at me sort of funny because my new frames are radically different than my old ones (that I’ve had since he was a baby). He keeps telling me that they make me look so different.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He enjoyed going to the play dates because it’s something he doesn’t really get to do during the school year. He also loved getting to go for a dip in our pool this morning. I think he’s part fish like his momma. 😉

What Abigail’s Been Up To: I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but she has added some longer sentences to her vocabulary: “I can’t reach it, it’s too high!” and “It’s stuck! The door is locked!” (which she uses for anything she can’t get into) are her two main ones, haha. She will also blurt out other things on occasion, which makes me realize she absorbs more of our speech than I thought. One cute one is when I ask her a question and she needs time to think about her answer. She’ll start out by saying, “Well…” and then gives me her answer. It’s funny to see these little things pop up. It reminds me that she will be three in just a few months. Oh, how the time doth fly!

This Week in Pictures:

She really knows how to layer her play jewelry.
I decided to gift my outdoor succulents to a friend who I know loves them (her porch is a bit more sheltered from the elements than mine), so I needed another plant for the space. This Mexican heather fit the bill.
I think it’s a good fit for my porch.
Play date #1: the one where Abigail finds a car that is just her size.
Play date #2: the one where Abigail finds a chair that she THINKS is just her size…it’s really a baby bouncer, haha.
Making me a delicious meal.
One of her newer things: scattering the books so she can find JUST the right one.
I love it when she lets me do her hair!
She loves this narwhal clip.
Pool fun!
My new prescription sunglasses.
My new glasses (and a cute photo-bomber).
He then asked to take a nice picture.
Once Abigail saw us taking a picture, she HAD to come over and “push-da-button”.

Bonus video: Abigail “reading” That’s Not My Meerkat


Fourth of July Fun and a Day Trip to Boot

Weekly Happenings: This week held two fun events. On Thursday, we celebrated the Fourth of July by grilling, relaxing, and popping off fireworks with friends. It was pretty exhausting keeping Abigail from running after the fireworks, though. She still doesn’t have much of a sense of self preservation. We ended up heading back to our house (we were only two doors down) as soon as we finished with our fireworks. The kids were a bit bummed, but once we pulled out ice cream, their frowns disappeared and were replaced with smiles. Friday morning, we took a spontaneous trip to Waco so that we could check out the Magnolia Market (of Fixer Upper fame). Paul kept an eye on the kids outside (there’s an open space where kids can run around and play) while I checked out the market. We didn’t stay long because it was pretty hot, but I’m glad I got to see what I did.

The Weekly Weather: Warm, humid, and sunny…with a mix of rain here and there. It’s pretty typical for July. 🙂

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy with work and Daddy duty. I mention that last bit in particular because, as of late, Abigail has not wanted to be left behind when he goes somewhere. I’ve heard, “Daddy! Daddy, wait!” quite a bit the last little bit.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I have basically been doing my typical summer stuff: entertaining kids, piano students, housekeeping, and the like. I also got my eyes checked and my astigmatism is a bit worse, so I need to order new glasses and sunglasses.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been pretty much enjoying the summer life. He had a ton of fun with fireworks. He also recently finished the second Harry Potter book.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: As I mentioned before, she really liked the fireworks and wanted to get right up close to them. It was hard keeping her out of harm’s way. She actually pitched the biggest fit when we headed for home, but luckily, since two-year-olds are rather fickle, she was also the first to perk up at the mentioning of ice cream. I joke with Paul that trying to raise her sometimes feels like raising Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Luckily, most of the time she is sweet and cute with only occasional bits of fury.

This Week in Pictures:

One night with a bad dream followed by the next night full of thunderstorms equals for a sleepy baby.
I thought a Ben Franklin quote would be fitting for my board during the month of July.
I changed out the look for my big vase (before it had some multi-colored glass stones and some battery-operated tea light candles in it). I wanted to lighten it up by switching out the rocks to plain white ones and put some artificial flowers in it.
A close-up of the vase.
She insisted on having her bear ride with her.
Snuggling and watching cartoons.
A Google Photo’s mash-up. They’ll do this every once in a while with photos that are spread apart in time.
All ready for the fun Fourth of July festivities.
She let me do her hair!
Playing piano with her “bubba”.
More couch cuddling.
She discovered that this page had a mirror on it and was trying to see her bow.
Eating a red, white, and blue popsicle and playing with a sparkler. Quite the bit of Americana right there, haha. This was at our friends’ house. They’ll be moving soon, but they’ll still be relatively close, so hopefully we won’t completely lose touch.
Watching the Daddies pop off some fireworks. It wasn’t dark yet, but they could still see a lot of the “sparkles”.
Abigail and her buddy were checking out each others’ head gear.
Watching the “sparkles”.
Enjoying her first popsicle.
She got quite messy, but that’s part of the fun, right?
Demolishing her ice cream.
He was excited that we got waffle cones.
Making sure she got every last drop of ice cream.
On our way to Waco. There’s not only one, but TWO Bucc-ee’s (a super-awesome HUGE gas station). The kids were just a bit excited.
Coming up on the silos (where Magnolia Market is centered).
The silos and the Magnolia sign.
The outside of the market.
I got this fun mug (which I purchased to use as decor rather than drink from)…
…along with a comfy T-shirt.
Playing with her “baby animals”.
Our beautiful front yard. I’m so grateful for all the hard work Paul puts into it!