Looking at It Through Their Eyes

Weekly Happenings: I have discovered that holidays as a parent is completely different than holidays as a child. Of course, there is the aspect of planning out everything, but if I take a moment to slow down and view it through my children’s eyes, I can really see the magic. Abigail insists on turning on all the Christmas lights as soon as we’re downstairs (I can’t fault her, I love them, too)…Joseph helps me keep track of the countdown…it’s just so fun.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been downright cold. We’re talking below freezing temperatures at night. I joke and say that I didn’t sign up for this when I moved to Texas. 😉 It’s okay, though. I much prefer it to the sweltering heat that will be back all too soon.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Mainly just work and church stuff. He did go see the newest Star Wars with a friend and said that he really enjoyed it.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I got to sub for Joseph’s Primary class (children’s Sunday School at church) which was a lot of fun. The kids were a bit squirrely, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. It’s always a blessing to watch them and see just when the Spirit hits their hearts. I also got to go to my monthly book club meeting where instead of discussing a book, we read the radio script from Miracle on 34th Street. It was so fun!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s mostly been busy doing some fun things at school and then looking forward to the magic that next week will unleash.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been living the best toddler life, haha. She has been soaking up everything Christmas. She does still have a love of all things “spooky” though. The other day, she wanted to watch Coco (a Disney film about Dia de los Muertos). The plot is a little above her understanding, but she loves the music and the fact that there are a TON of skeletons in it. Silly goose.

This Week in Pictures:

Abigail discovered the control on our Christmas tree that makes the lights change. She settled on white as opposed to the multi-colored that it had been before (it also does flashing multi-colored, flashing white, and then flashing between the two).
She decided that breakfast under the tree was a must.
Who was I to deny her that bit of magic?
She legitimately thought she was successfully hiding from me (I had mentioned the word “bedtime”). 😉
She was excited when I put her Minnie Mouse shirt on. She even went so far as to call it awesome. 😀
Google Photos will do “then-and-now” photo mash-ups. I can’t get over how much mischief is in that almost-1YO’s face.
Nor can I get over the look of triumph she had on her face (also at almost 1 year old) for getting the sheet (we use it as a tree-skirt of sorts) down. It’s crazy to think that the picture on the right holds a little girl who’s going to be three in two days!
I put on new nail strips for Christmas.
I love the sparkly blue and the snowflakes.
She had to empty out the books so that she could get in her rocket ship.

We’re Getting Closer!

Weekly Happenings: It’s hard to believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away. We’ve mostly been just chilling around the house and relaxing. Today we decided to hop over to the zoo since the weather was great for it.

The Weekly Weather: It started off warm, but we had a cold front move in that dropped the temperature thirty degrees overnight. It warmed up progressively from there and this weekend has been beautiful.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He was busy with his calling for church this week as well as at work. I’m glad he brought up going to the zoo today because I was thinking we’d have a lazy day at home…going to the zoo was a much better idea because we got out in the fresh air.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much on my end. Just ferrying kids around and teaching piano as usual.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been busy at school. It’s hard to believe that six months from now he’ll be done with second grade.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been talking up a storm. Some of it I really have to pay attention to in order to understand, but a lot of it is really clear. The other day she referred to Fruit Loops as “color-Os” and I’m not sure I can ever call them Fruit Loops again. Yesterday I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she said, “I have choc-o-laaaaaate?????” in this really sweet voice. I told her breakfast first and THEN chocolate (she likes my dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses). She conceded. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

All dressed up for church in their Christmas outfits (I like to get as much use out of them as possible, haha).
Of course she needed a picture with her snowflake wand.
All layered up for a chilly walk to school. She loves her zebra jacket and sparkly pink leopard-spotted boots.
Apparently the less than a mile ride to school was just long enough for her to zonk out.
I love when he reads to her.
They really do have a sweet relationship.
After a while he wanted one of his books.
She loves to sit on top of the dryer and drop clothes into the washer.
The last full moon of the decade!
Cold mornings mean cuddle-time with a cozy blanket.
One of my favorite sights.
Saying hello to the bear at the zoo.
She was really into it.
Climbing on the hippos.
Munching on popcorn.
She was trying to get up to where Joseph was, but it was too slippery.
This was such a peaceful spot!
Getting a good look at the giraffe.
It kept making these funny faces which she loved.
Joseph and the giraffe.
Checking out the elephants.
Snugglin’ with Momma and checking out ornaments.
I lovingly call this her rock star outfit.
Abigail’s nursery leaders made her an ornament with her picture on it. She loved it so much that she had to put it on her tree right away.
Joseph got a block with a nativity scene on it from his Primary leaders. I love how much thought went into the gifts they got from their leaders.


Park Fun

Weekly Happenings: The weather this past week was rather mild, so we took full advantage. On Tuesday, I didn’t have piano students, so after school I took the kids to the park. We were there for almost two hours and the kids had a blast. Then, on Thursday morning, I took Abigail back for a scheduled play date with some friends. The funny thing about Thursday was that it had been misty all morning, so a big puddle had gathered at the base of the slide. I didn’t realize it was there until Abigail went down and got her bum soaked. Luckily, her diaper seemed to keep her from being uncomfortable at all and we stayed for two hours to play. It’s getting a smidge easier to handle Abigail at the park because she’s steadier on her feet and she’s beginning to show some restraint and caution (she still has moments where she completely throws caution to the wind, but we’re making progress).

The Weekly Weather: It’s been really nice. It’s been cold in the mornings and then nice and mild in the afternoons (low 70s range).

What Paul’s Been Up To: Aside from work and his calling at church keeping him busy, he helped out with Joseph’s Cub Scout group this week (he taught them how to tie a square knot and then he had them do a Christmas craft which had them using their new skill). Today he’s working on signs to put in yards for the winners of the neighborhood holiday decorating contest.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I had a relatively fun week because I got to go to a Christmas party for Relief Society and I also got to go hang out with friends last night.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: It’s been a bit rough on him getting up for school after having a full week off last week, but he soldiered on. 😉 He enjoyed being back and getting to go to GT and see his school friends again.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s found great entertainment in taking ornaments off the Christmas tree and putting them places I’d least expect to find them. She’s also picked up a new phrase. If she comes up and shows me something she has, I’ll say, “Oh! You have a (fill in the blank)!” Then she’ll say, “I sure do!!” It’s pretty cute.

This Week in Pictures:

She loves this snowman. If you press his hand, he skates along and sings “Let it Snow”.
She decided she needed the Christmas mat from the kitchen in order to get comfy on the floor…I’m not quite sure why she chose the floor over the couches, but to each their own, I suppose.
It’s unanimous: this is the best slide at the park.
The swings are pretty awesome, too, though. The look of pure joy on Abigail’s face makes my heart all mushy.
Just relaxing on a bench. I love our park.
Showing me his climbing skills.
Abigail’s Christmas dress came in the mail. 😀
Chef Abigail is ready to take your order!
Foggy cold mornings mean hats for everyone!
I decided to put new nail strips on…sparkly blue!
I love how they match my fun top.

Bonus Video: Abigail loves to sing along to the song “Baby Shark”. There are a ton of different versions. The version that’s playing here is the Halloween version.