Bubble Fun

Weekly Happenings: This past week was a blessedly slow one. I was still recovering from a cold, so I was grateful for the extra opportunity to rest. The title for this post comes from literally one evening where I brought the bubbles out and turned the kids loose in the back yard to chase them. Luckily, I’m almost all better, since Paul now has it. The kids so far have seemed to dodged the bullet (fingers crossed it stays that way).

The Weekly Weather: It’s been off-and-on rainy with mostly overcast skies in-between. We’re right on the edge of all the severe weather that is hitting parts of the country directly around us, so we’re getting cooler temps, humidity, wind, and occasional rain showers, but no crazy thunderstorms or tornadoes (thank goodness)!

What Paul’s Been Up To: Work and yardwork, haha…those two keep him pretty busy.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Survival! Dealing with a rambunctious 2YO while dealing with a bad cold is exhausting!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s working his way through these last few weeks of school (we have just two weeks left ahead of us now). He’s also a huge help with Abigail while I teach piano.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Ev.er.y.thing, haha. She is so, so busy! Luckily, she’s also super cute and sweet, so that makes up for the busy-ness.

This Week in Pictures:

Buying this bubble gun was probably one of my best decisions. Joseph loves to blow bubbles for Abigail to chase and she loves to chase them!
She loooooves bubbles.
The joy on her face in this picture makes me so happy!
She also loves that she has figured out how to slide on her own.
He was blowing the bubbles so that she would run into them as she slid down.
She was actually pushing him to make him go faster so that she could have her turn.
The only other picture from this week: She grabbed this box, sat down in it, and said, “One, two, three…blast off!” She then started scooting forward and said, “I in rocket!”
Paul got this shot. This girl sure loves empty boxes!
Bonus video: the video that Joseph worked on throughout the year in GT (the gifted & talented program). His video was about Mars.

Momma’s Day

Weekly Happenings: This week started off with Mother’s Day. I started the day off rather early because Abigail hadn’t slept well the night before. We had a regular breakfast since we had 9:00 church, but Paul handled lunch and dinner, which was a nice break. I got a new casserole dish (enameled cast iron) and a fun card from Joseph. On Tuesday, Abigail and I got to Walmart and have them do an oil change and replace a tire. When I was picking Joseph up from school on Monday, the low tire pressure light came on. I couldn’t see any issues, so I made a mental note to talk to Paul about it. Well, I forgot until we were getting into the car to run to the library that evening. A quick glance showed that one of the tires was possibly a little low, but again, there was nothing apparent causing it. Later, we stopped at Walmart to grab something and the tire’s pressure was super low. I pulled around to the auto center and even though they had already closed, they were nice enough to put air in it so that we could get home. Once we got home, Paul took a longer look, spied a screw, and got to have the fun job of taking the tire off and putting on the spare so that I could take it into Walmart to either get patched or replaced. Since the screw was right on the edge of the sidewall and the rest of the tire around it looked rather worn, they recommended replacing it. After that adventure, the rest of the week was rather average.

The Weekly Weather: warm, humid, muggy, rainy at times…pretty typical for May, actually. I’ll say this for the rain, though: it’s doing a good job of keeping us from getting into the really warm temperatures. For that, I am grateful!

What Paul’s Been Up To: Work, keeping up with the yards (now that warm temperatures are here, the grass is growing more), and being an awesome daddy and husband.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Piano teaching, keeping kids happy, the whole lot. I’ve also fought a cold for most of the week, but am starting to feel better. I’m almost 100% today. Oh, and today I got to go to the temple and do a session with a few of my Relief Society sisters. That made for a great morning. One extra awesome thing that happened at the temple: I had been looking at my temple dress and thinking I might need to get a new one (my dress is almost 18 years old and starting to show its age). I was talking to my friend and I told her that I thought her dress was beautiful. She then looked me square in the eye and asked me if I wanted it. It didn’t fit her correctly anymore, so she had ordered a new one, but hadn’t decided what to do with the old one. It’s still in amazing condition and fits me perfectly! Tender mercies. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s excited that he only has three weeks of school left. We’re getting ready for end-of-the-year awards, parties, and the like. I’m kind of looking forward to the break. It’ll be nice to not have to be so regimented with our schedule.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s starting to say more three- and four-word phrases. One example of this is when we were in the car, getting ready to go to the library, she noticed that Paul had gone back into the house for something. She said, “Oh no! Daddy gone!” Another time, she climbed onto our big, long bench, got herself settled, and then yelled (in a very animated way, with flailing arms), “Get me DOWN!” (I think I remember seeing something similar on one of her favorite episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). She is very animated, to be sure. Upon seeing flowers in a vase on the table, she attempted to surreptitiously crawl across the table to get a closer look. When caught and told to get down, she settled for a lean and a HUGE sniff. Oh, and she has figured out she can tickle me by saying, “Tickle, tickle!” while poking at my toes. She keeps us laughing for sure!

This Week in Pictures:

My Momma’s Day presents: I’ve already used that dish 3-4 times this week. The card is awesome, too. When you open it up, the vacuum that the dog has starts vibrating and making vacuum noises. It’s exactly what a 7YO boy would pick out and I love it.
I was playing with portrait-mode on my camera (where it brings the subject to focus and blurs the background).
I may be a bit biased, but I think my subject-matter is quite beautiful.
When we left to go get Joseph from school, she insisted upon taking her Minnie Mouse backpack (loaded up with some board books and play necklaces and bracelets).
She found her “colors” (a mini Magna Doodle) and is channeling the ’90s a bit with that beanie.
Another instance of “if I fits, I sits”. The funniest part about this was that at first, I didn’t know where she was. She had taken out enough of the stuff that she was able to lie down in there. When I called her name, she popped up like a jack-in-the-box. I screamed and she laughed.
I had pulled out this hat with a mental note to check later to see if it still fit. She found it, plunked it on her head, and did my job for me. 
I told her I wanted to take her picture, so she sat down and said, “Cheese!”
I’m telling y’all…this one keeps me on my toes all. the. time.
I gave her the empty tissue box because, well…she likes to play with empty boxes. What she does with those boxes is always a surprise.

Bonus Video! Abigail and the tickle attack:


Some One-on-One Time

Weekly Happenings: Most of this week was pretty typical. Today was fun, though. Paul and I kind of divided and conquered. He took Joseph to see a movie (Detective Pikachu) and I took Abigail to the zoo. Much fun was had by all. 🙂

The Weekly Weather: The sun has shown its face a few times, but we’ve been mostly overcast and rainy. We even had a cold front move in yesterday and today, dropping the temps into the 60s and low 70s, which is very abnormal for this time of year.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He had a training at work which kept him busy. Other than that, he’s continuing to work hard around the house and in the yards, as well as making time for the family. I sure appreciate him!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: My piano students keep me busy, as well as the typical work that happens in the house and with the kids. I did go out for a girls’ night with friends which was a nice break.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s excited that there isn’t much school left before summer break. He had a great time with Paul at the movies. It was a movie that he’s been looking forward to for a long time, so he was excited to get to go today.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been keeping all of us on our toes, that’s for sure. Her new thing this week is pretending to sleep, complete with snores. She has also taken to telling every object in the house goodnight as we get her ready for bed. I read her “Goodnight Moon” and she seemed to really enjoy it, considering it matched up with her new favorite bedtime routine pretty well.

This Week in Pictures:

A good friend of mine found this really cute dress at a thrift store and couldn’t help but buy it for Abigail.
It’s sleeveless, but I just popped her little black shirt under it and it was perfect.
I couldn’t resist trying to coordinate with her a bit for church last Sunday.
She asked for colors, so I was looking for the crayons. Then she pulled this out and said, “Colors!” That works, too.
I got her a battery-operated toothbrush. She likes it a lot better than a manual brush. Yay!
Salad is much easier to consume in large amounts if one completely abandons one’s fork.
It’s probably a bit silly, but I was super-excited to find these new baskets for our counter. They don’t take up any more room than my previous basket did, but they have the ability to hold quite a bit more. I’m looking forward to filling these up with yummy summer fruits!
One of my succulents went south rather quickly (I think it got root rot which can happen if it accidentally retains too much water), so I decided to try out a slightly different type of succulent. It’s one that normally is grown outdoors, but my friends who are a bit more knowledgeable in the subject said that it will probably do fine inside as long as it gets enough sunlight.
This is the face of a girl who absolutely loves avocado. I can totally relate!
Well, that’s one way to make sure to have quick toy access.
Joseph made this in art class for Mother’s Day (it has a sweet poem on the back). He is very proud of it (and so am I), so I made sure to hang it up nice and high (so that little hands don’t damage it).
She was rubbing his head and saying, “Soft!” I’m not sure if she was commenting on the softness of his hair or if she was echoing the many times I’ve told her to have a soft touch with her brother.
Abigail was lying on the floor, asking if she could come up on the couch. I told her she could (she’s totally capable of climbing up on her own). She then did this with her feet. This process was repeated several times. Silly girl!
Walking home after dropping Joseph off for school yesterday (it was 58 degrees!). She insisted on wearing her hat backwards. This one definitely marches to the beat of her own drummer.
We stumbled upon this toucan while at the zoo today. It was so pretty, I couldn’t resist snapping its picture.
Abigail was super excited to see the cheetah out. Normally it’s hiding in the shade of the trees way in the back of the enclosure.
She sat down, turned around, and said, “Cheese!” 😀
Checking out the lions and the cheeky buzzards.
She specifically asked to see monkeys, so we went off to go find them (they’re kind of off to one side of the zoo which is not in the normal loop that we do). She loved these itty-bitty fuzzy black ones.
She was fascinated watching the okapi use its long tongue to get the leaves that were just out of its reach.
This is seriously my favorite zoo animal.
Checking out one of several water falls that are scattered around the zoo.
The boys before the movie.
Joseph was pretty excited to see these props.
We went out to eat at Burger King. They have this huge Connect Four game set up for people to play. The kids really liked it.
Every princess needs a crown, right? 😉