March?! When Did You Get Here?

Weekly Happenings: It is crazy to believe that we’re already in March. It seems like it was less than a month ago that we were in California for Christmas. Yet, this Saturday night we’ll be moving the clocks ahead an hour. Craziness. We spent most of this last week recovering from the cold bug that hit our home pretty hard. Joseph and I had it two weeks ago and then Paul got it at the start of this past week. It’s one that just seems to hang on (especially the cough), so we had a LOT of down time because I was too tired to do anything else. It seemed like the most common of tasks (such as cleaning the kitchen) completely wiped me out. I finally feel like I’m on the tail end of whatever it is, so hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to ease back into our routine. We did venture out of the house to do grocery shopping, a trip to the zoo, and to the repair shop to have some repairs done on the Honda.

The Weekly Weather: At church today, someone said they felt like we’ve experienced all four seasons over the past couple of weeks, and I have to agree with them. It has been crazy. We had an arctic cold front come through, then it warmed up (though not anywhere near summer temperatures, so maybe more like three seasons) for a few days just in time for another cold front to move in. We’re supposed to be warming up a little and then cooling down again. It’s seriously a roller coaster.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He had his normal work and school. He also taught his portion of his class for Pathway. Luckily he was feeling well enough to do so, after getting our cold at the beginning of the week. He took Thursday (the day of his class) off so that he could get everything ready. He was able to finish that by early afternoon and since my students for that day had canceled (thanks to a nasty flu bug going around), we went to the zoo. Since it was the middle of the week, it was pretty empty, which was great! Yesterday he took the Honda to the repair shop to have them replace part of the breaks.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mainly resting and making sure that Joseph got his antibiotics and eye drops all at the right times. Most of my students were able to come this past week (between illnesses in our household and their households, there were a lot of cancellations over the past few weeks), so that was good for our bank account. 🙂 I have also gotten completely back into ward choir. We’re getting ready for Easter, and an Easter fireside that is being put on by our stake (each ward in the stake will be performing a piece of Easter music, followed by all the choirs singing one piece together, followed by all the children singing a Primary song), and ward conference (coming up in April). I have a really great music chair who is keeping me on my toes. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Besides totally flipping out every time he needed an eye drop in his eye to treat the pink eye (so that was twice a day for seven days), he’s been his pretty happy self. He only fought the antibiotic for the double ear infection once or twice and we finished up that round today. Here’s to hoping that he can stay well! He’s got a follow up appointment next week to make sure everything has cleared up. He is exploring his new-found freedom (no longer being in the crib) by getting up early each morning to read books (in fact, he insists that I leave a book right by his bed so that he can read it when he wants to) and play with toys in his room while waiting for me to get up. The past couple of days it’s been a bit too early, though. Saturday he was up at 5:45 and today was 3:45. Yesterday, Paul ended up getting up with him, but today was a different story. I heard him, opened his door, was greeted with a “Good morning, Mommy!”, and given a sad face when I told him he needed to go back to bed. I snuggled him for a bit, explained that it was still the middle of the night, and told him that he needed to try to go back to sleep. He complied and was still heavily asleep when I went to get him at 7:30 so that we could get ready for church. I think tonight I will have to remind him that if it’s still dark in his room that he needs to stay in his bed and leave the light off (hopefully meaning that he’ll fall back to sleep). He did make a transition of sorts on his own. He insisted that I take the pool noodle that was under his sheets (keeping him from rolling out of bed) out. He seems to have a pretty clear concept of where the edge of the bed is and hasn’t fallen out. Finally, he has declared himself my little helper in all things. Friday, when I was making pizza, I decided to call him my sous chef since he was taking things and putting them in the trash for me. When Paul got home not too long afterward, Joseph ran up to him and told him that he had been my sous chef. I was pretty impressed that he remembered the words. He sure is one smart kid.

This Week in Pictures:

I made stew this week. It was pretty hearty, which was good for the cold weather we had this past week.
Paul took a picture of it because we both found it funny that the meat ratio was equal to (if not slightly larger than) the veggie ratio.
He told me he was talking on his “cowboy phone”.
Yikes! I’d better sleep with one eye open!
He asked me to take a picture of him with his towers.
He loves the set up that we have in the loft.
15 - 1 (23)
A project that I did this week. I punched a hole in the lid of the jar and then used the pump from an old soap dispenser to make a fun new one. I think the next time I need to get soap, I’ll get clear soap so that you can see the green jar better.
He loves for Daddy to read to him.
Reading up on Mario Golf.
15 - 5 (4)
At the zoo.
15 - 4 (5)
Since it was not very busy, we were able to get right close up to the jaguar.
15 - 3 (5)
Joseph thought it was pretty cool.
15 - 2 (8)
Here is a perfect example of what a ham Joseph can be sometimes for picture taking.
15 - 1 (22)
He loves all of the bronze statues that he can climb around on.
Seriously. That tongue!
Feeding the koi fish at the zoo.
The fearless child was trying to drop the pieces of food directly into their mouths.
Watching a show on Daddy’s lap top. I think it was the Super Mario Brothers’ Super Show (late 80s-early 90s era). He’s really into Mario right now.
Maneuvering the controls so that he could skip the ad that was in the middle of the show. Further proof that his brain is wired differently than mine.



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