Fourth of July Fun

Monday was the Fourth of July, which meant a lazy day followed by some fireworks fun. We skipped the sparklers this year and opted for poppers (both kids like to see them spark) and some fun fountains. Paul also got these ones where little tissue paper parachutes floated down after the fireworks went off. While Abigail was a smidge disappointed they didn’t have teeny plastic paratroopers attached, she did like running down the street to collect them. We’ve been soaking in the summer vibes, but will probably slowly start cycling a routine back in so that it isn’t a seriously rude awakening in August. July is definitely our down month. Once August hits, the kids have swim lessons, Joseph has band camp, I have some trainings I need to get done (I’ll probably try to get the online ones done this month, to be honest), and then before we know it, August 28th will be here. Then we all know what happens once school starts…the holidays come screeching in and it gets craaaaazy.

A friend of mine joked that as soon as Fourth of July was over, we could start counting down to Halloween…I showed her this picture, saying that I’d been counting down since Christmas, ha. This countdown does both Halloween and Christmas (the word “Halloween” flips over and says “Christmas” on the back), so it’s out pretty much all year.
Fourth of July flag photo!
Mother Nature’s fireworks. 🙂
Getting ready to watch Paul set off some fireworks. She does NOT like loud noises, so she made sure to have her headphones on.
Just as ready!
Sparkly fountains.
I kept saying her name, but she couldn’t hear me. I tapped her on her shoulder and she turned around. She saw my phone and gave me this “cheese” face.
We thought this one was pretty cool…
…especially since it got super-bright.
Okay…fun day over…time to crack down on some summer reading. I want to start the year off on a good note!
One summer perk: I have time to bake! Abigail had been asking for banana bread for a while, but I was just. too. tired. I finally made good on my promise (it just took a month, ha).
She asked for “crazy hair” (which equates to a bunch of ponytails) and then went upstairs to put on her fancy dress (complete with pajamas underneath) and boots. Then she asked me to take her picture. I wish I could tell you what was going on in her mind, but…I can’t. I’m just coming along for the ride. 😉
We were at Lowe’s last night, getting some plants for the front yard. Abigail wanted a plant she could see all the time and water, so after weighing our options (it’s hard in our house because we tend to keep the blinds shut, especially in the summer), we ended up with this bromeliad. It says it’s okay in low-light, so we’ll see how it does.

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