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Good News Flash: Paul is back to work and it looks like he’s getting paid. Now we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that he’ll get back-pay for the time that he was furloughed. Also good news: they are finally building a house next door! That means that we’ll have houses on both sides and hopefully not as many creepy-crawlies creeping into our house (once the house is done. I know we’ll have more while the house is going up.)

What We Did This Week: Not much, lol. I practiced music for Messiah (so that I could help the sopranos learn their parts as well as practicing for the Youth and Children’s Choir numbers). We played at the park a few times, had a couple of play-dates, etc. The highlight of Joseph’s week was probably when we took him to Barnes & Nobel to play with the big train table that they have there. Not only were they trains, but they were specifically Thomas trains. He kind of pitched a mini-fit when we left (even though we tried to warn him ahead of time. Each time I’d say 5 minutes…3 minutes, etc., he’d just say, “No!”) We’re working on that. 🙂 Oh, and the other highlight of Joseph’s week was when he found out that a friend of mine was willing to let him take home the toy stroller that he played with the entire time we were at her house (she had two, and her kids are a bit older and not into them anymore, so when she saw that Joseph liked it so much, she told us to take it home). He’s been playing with it almost non-stop since. 🙂

Cute Joseph-isms:

1)Playing with his plush giraffe: He said, “Yee-haw!”, put it on the ground, and proceeded to try to sit on it to ride it. The only problem with that was that it’s not very big, so he couldn’t really ride it. He just kind of sat down on it.

2) Joseph’s favorite book this week was “Where the Wild Things Are”. I read it to him at least once a day for a couple of days straight. One day, he was looking at it while I was changing his diaper, and I caught him “reading” to himself, “Roar the roars, gnashy teeth.” Apparently his favorite part is when the wild things “roar their terrible roars and gnash their terrible teeth […]”. 🙂

3) Joseph was watching a piece of construction equipment dig some dirt out so that they could lay pipes for the house next door. He said, “Truck digging…hooray digging truck!” He was very sad to see the “truck” leave. He loves watching the stuff going on next door.

4) He decided that he needed to put something into his new stroller to push around, so he picked one of his bears. He put it in, pushed it around for a bit, stopped, very carefully picked up the bear by the shoulders, gave it a hug (while saying, “Awwwww”), put it back in the stroller, and continued on his way. I love his tender heart!

5) He decided that different toys needed to ride in the stroller. Some of the more interesting ones were his knight (who’s about 3 inches tall…he put the knight in the stroller and then pretended to snore, as if the knight was sleeping) and his slinky.

6) I was reading him “Mr. Brown Can Moo” and he kept calling the cow “Clara-belle”. Can you tell he watches a lot of Mickey Mouse? lol

7) Two of his most-used phrases this week: “‘Scuse-me” and “Thank you, Mommy!”

This Week in Pictures:

Loving the train table
He liked that the trains had magnets on the end so that he could link them together
Happy boy 🙂
Watching the work next door
Any time anyone was out there, he was at the window watching.
He LOVES this stroller
Pushing his bear
Having a drink while waiting for the food
Serious face…not sure why; he was pretty happy…
Giving his (pretty tiny) knight a ride
Two favorite things: wearing my shoes (well, anyone’s shoes, really, but in this case, they were mine) and playing with the stroller


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