Crash! Bang! Boom!

Weekly Happenings: Another week of school from home, mask-wearing while shopping, running the kids ragged in the back yard so they will hopefully go to sleep at a decent time, trying not to go stir-crazy while in the house, running little errands to maintain personal sanity, and the like.

The Weekly Weather: We’ve had a decent amount of rain during the week (which, at times, put a damper on our outside time either because it was raining or because it was still too wet from a recent storm). Walking on the grass right after a good-sized storm is a bit like walking on a sponge full of water. It isn’t pleasant, haha. We also have had a couple of good thunderstorms (hence the name of this post) that Abigail miraculously slept through and Joseph rode out in his room (one he slept through and the other he was still awake for, so it didn’t scare him like the ones that wake him from a sound sleep tend to do). Today has been sunny, but we’re entering into the end of May, so it’s rather warm and humid.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy at work and then busy keeping ahead of the yard work (more rain equals grass growing faster…dang it). He’s also been dealing with some people that keep wanting to ride their dirt bikes on land that belongs to the HOA but is supposed to maintained as a natural area, which has been a frustrating series of events.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not much out of the ordinary on my part. I’ve mainly been trying to keep up with all of Joseph’s school assignments and simultaneously trying to keep Abigail from wrecking the house too bad, haha.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been cranking out assignments, soaking up as much screen time as he can, and does enjoy playing with toys or playing outside once he’s dealt with the initial shock of being unplugged. 😉 We did find out a time when we can go to his school to pick up his personal belongings. He’s excited because some of his favorite books (including one he hasn’t read all the way through…that’s been driving him crazy) will be in with it all.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Bedtime is still rough, but we’re making it through, one night at a time. Luckily, once she’s asleep , she does tend to stay asleep. We got a bag of hand-me-downs from a friend that had a baby doll in it. She was over the moon and has loved on that baby doll so much. She loves playing at “the playground” (also known as our back yard) and we either have to wheel and deal with her or wait until she’s near exhaustion before we can get her to come inside. Her favorite thing to do out there is pick up fistfuls of mulch to throw, which I’m trying to break her of.

This Week in Pictures:

It’s always exciting to discover new flowers. This time it was my miniature rose bush’s turn.
A close up of the bigger of the two roses. The smaller one has since opened up a little wider as well (I just don’t have a picture).
I’m still amazed with how much these trees have grown in the last almost eight years. It’s really nice to stand under the shade, though.
The baby doll she got from friends.
She carried it everywhere, set it up with a snack and a drink, set it up on her riding toys…the works.
There was one night Abigail didn’t fall asleep until 10:30. I woke her up at 8:00 the next morning so that we wouldn’t have a repeat performance…I think she was having a hard time realizing which dimension she was in, haha.
She loves this slide!
Raking some leaves. I joke with my friends that fall comes in the spring time here, when all the new leaves push the old ones off the trees.
Collecting leaves and sticks.
He was trying to balance the rake so that it would stand on its own…then he tried laying it on the ground and seeing if stepping on it would make the handle fly up to hit him (like in cartoons). Luckily, it didn’t. 😉
He came and told me he didn’t know what to do, so I told him to run around the yard, then skip, then gallop. After that, he stopped asking me and entertained himself, haha.
What I first thought was some crumpled up, dried out paper was actually a good-sized mushroom. I think it’s been just a bit humid lately, haha.

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