A Couple of Sickies

Weekly Happenings: The week started off a little rough, because Joseph ended up getting sick (and Abigail was still not feeling 100% quite yet). Luckily, Joseph just had a bad cold, so he was feeling better after a day or so. I had taken him in to be checked out (because of Abigail’s strep diagnosis […]

Easter Fun and Some Sun

Weekly Happenings: We enjoyed a nice Easter Sunday (and the kids enjoyed fun things in their baskets) at the beginning of the week. We had ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and homemade strawberry pie for dessert. Mid-week was rather ordinary, and then the end of the week was fun for Joseph since he had Fiesta […]

Spring Fun

Weekly Happenings: It seems we’ve settled into spring. The weather is warmer, so it’s easier to do things. Most of the week was pretty average. I did have my friend bring her kids over yesterday for a play date in the morning (since the older kids had school off because of Good Friday). The kids […]