Best Buddies

Weekly Happenings: This was another week without anything too out of the ordinary happening. While not too eventful, it did give me the opportunity to observe just how close Joseph and Abigail have gotten. They are really building a close relationship. I know it won’t be always like this (especially as we approach the teen years), so I’m trying to soak it in while I can.

The Weekly Weather: We had a couple of colder days, but for the most part, it’s been warm and sunny. I think spring is finally in full swing.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy at work and busy at home. He continues to valiantly battle the weeds and it seems like he’s beginning to win. It’s a tough battle, since seeds from weeds are coming from all directions into our backyard. He also has been spending a lot of time with Joseph, who enjoys having “Dad and Joseph time” immensely.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much on my part, either. I did get to go help at a Relief Society activity where we put together bags to donate to one of the local hospitals. The bags are for families that have a baby in the NICU. They have practical things like lotion and chapstick, but also fun things like a banner to decorate the isolette and cards that mark major milestones for the baby (first outfit, first time to be held by Mommy, etc.) that they can use when they take pictures.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had a good week at school and enjoyed getting to take in one of his favorite toys for show and tell.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Her speech is really starting to take off. She’s trying more phrases instead of just single words. A few gems this week: “Oh, thank you, Momma!”, “Oh dear! Oh no!”, and my personal favorite, “Catch, Momma!”. This last one was uttered just before she winged the wooden lemon from her play food towards me…luckily I managed to catch it, as it was going right for my face, haha.

This Week in Pictures:

I love my morning concerts that often happen before leaving to drop Joseph off at school.
She said, “I hold a hand?”, so he gave her his hand to hold. 🙂

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