A Party, a Big Oops, and a Fun Family Day

We started off the week fun with the school trunk-or-treat. The kids both had a blast and Joseph enjoyed having the second-largest costume there (he had the largest until a kid showed up in an inflatable Koolaid Man costume, haha). The “big oops” part is because Abigail decided to cut her hair while at school. 🙁 Luckily she cut some of the longer bits of her hair, so it wasn’t hard for a stylist to fix (and luckily they had an opening). That kid! The fun family day was spent out in Hondo at the South Texas Maize (a place where they have a big corn maze and a ton of other fun stuff to do. We met up with friends and had a grand time. Then we took the kids to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch. 🙂 It was a fun day!

I found a fun Haunted Mansion floor mat. 🙂
I went to a baby shower not too long ago and won a game (it was a “guess how many game” and my completely random guess that I just scribbled down was only one off). The prize was an Amazon gift card, so I used it to buy this cute Harry Potter purse.
I dressed up as a vampire for the trunk-or-treat.
A close-up of my make-up.
The kids were excited to get going. Abigail was so happy to get to wear her Sonic jammies as a costume.
I love the relationship these two have.
Fun run fun. I went to help and both kids were happy to see me. Abigail ran 36 laps (so just over two miles).
Joseph ran 31 laps (just one lap shy of two miles).
I have new pumpkins growing!
Last time the bugs and birds got them…I’m hoping these ones make it!
Just-because flowers. <3
I love their vibrant colors!
She.dressed.herself. 🙂
I got a message from her teacher about ten minutes before school was out letting me know she cut her hair. She sent it home in a bag so I could see how much. :/
She had been asking for a shorter cut and I told her we needed to wait and make an appointment at the kid salon…I guess she decided she wanted to have it right away. :/ Luckily the salon had a cancellation, so we were able to zip in and get her hair fixed. She was really happy with the outcome (she just doesn’t look it in this picture).
She always asks for a hairstyle and then always takes it out immediately after we get home.
Little cutie.
I made pumpkin deviled eggs. I used food coloring to make the yolk mixture orange, piped it back into the whites, and then used a bit of chive for a stem.
We had friends over for a movie night (we watched my nephews’ new movie, The Curse of Crom…which is a great Halloween movie), so I had a ton of spooky snacks for them to eat.
On top of the hay pyramid.
What a bunch of animals. 😉
Joseph was off with his friend, but we managed to get a picture with Abigail.
She LOVED this sand pit.
Joseph enjoyed this giant slide.
Abigail loved all the cutouts.
Heading into the corn maze.
It was neat that it was a legit maze.
Joseph and his buddy, Alex.
Deciding which way to go next.
This was a huuuuuge field of flowers. They let people go and pick flowers (for an additional fee). We opted for just a picture. 🙂
This giant chair was fun.
I sure love these two!
Abigail going down a slide that was more her size.
They had these fun swings.
Abigail swinging herself, haha.
They had a small zipline there. The older boys enjoyed it quite a bit.
Abigail was excited to find cornhole.
She found another cutout!
She also found this tractor. 🙂
Aaaand a cow chair.
Joseph on the cow chair.
The last thing we did before going was to go on a hayride.
I sure love this man!!

Bonus video: I found an old video of Abigail that I don’t think I’ve ever shared, so here ya’ go!


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