A New and Fun Adventure

The beginning of the week pretty much started off normally. Friday, I decided we needed to get out of the house and have some fun. We drove out to the zoo and looked at a few of the animals before it got too hot (thank goodness for zoo passes). We then got onto the zoo train for a ride. One of the stops along the trip is the Witte Museum, which is primarily a natural history museum. We got off at the stop for the Witte and explored the museum for a couple of hours. Then we walked back to where the train had dropped us off and waited for the next train (trains pass by roughly every 20-30 minutes). We just had to show them our tickets and we were able to ride it back to the depot. It was a fun time!

Joseph teaching Abigail how to play the Pokemon card game. 🙂
This girl loves to play with Play-Doh!
She had some googly eyes from her build-a-monster kit (she got it at the school trunk-or-treat last year: it was a small container of Play-Doh with some pipe cleaners and googly eyes) that she used.
I think the purple cow is my favorite, haha.
She wanted a Lunchable, but we didn’t have any. I decided to cut some lunch meat into circles (using my biscuit cutters, of all things) and cut a stick of string cheese into chunks. I put those onto a plate with some crackers, strawberries, and tomatoes. She was one happy girl!
While Joseph was at Primary Activities, I took Abigail for a frozen yogurt date (Paul had a meeting).
The sky on Friday morning was so beautiful!
Abigail specifically wanted to see the toucans and the amphibians. First stop: toucans!
I can’t remember what type of frog this is, but I thought he was really cute. Joseph pointed out that a lot of the frogs looked like they were smiling.
I loved the speckles on this guy.
A Panamanian golden frog.
There was this fun cut-out for them to take a picture with.
A king vulture.
In front of the Witte.
There was a model of a quetzalcoatlus at the entrance to the museum.
The kids loved the dinosaur fossils.
Abigail said she liked that they were “roaring” at her.
They both liked seeing the sea turtle skeletons.
Using paint brushes to uncover a “fossil”.
Checking out a bison. Abigail really liked feeling the square of bison pelt.
Painted pebbles that were made by the people of Pecos (Native American tribe in the Texas area).
Arrowheads. These were Joseph’s favorites.
It was cool to read about how to shape an arrowhead.
The museum had an exhibit about Fiesta. It had a bunch of gowns that different Fiesta Queens have worn over the years. Those triangles on the wall are the trains for the gowns.
I love the bejeweled horses on this gown. I also thought the crown was neat.
Looking through the microscope at tiny things.
They loved this sand table. So, so much.
It had a projector above it that projected lines onto the sand. The lines made it look like a topographical map.
The lines would move around as the kids made mountains and valleys.
I didn’t see an informational plaque for this sculpture, but I really liked it. I wish I knew the story behind it.
We found this area of the museum that was all about the human body and different fun things that kids can do to stay active and healthy. This station measured heart rate.
He was “riding” the Mission trail (a bike trail that goes past San Antonio’s five colonial missions).
They had to use the rope to pull themselves up. Joseph got all the way as high as it would go.
Abigail got up about half a foot. 🙂
Joseph checking his heart rate.
Checking out an exhibit about Texas settlers.
The kids were excited to see signs saying they could get up on the saddles.
An old truck. 🙂
She saw these elephants outside and had to pose with one (and also had to make sure that her new binoculars made it into the shot, too).
This is the shirt she wears when playing with Play-Doh or anything messy. I love seeing it because it’s a shirt that either my mom or dad would wear when they would go see one of my marching band shows when I was in high school. 🙂
This is what an early morning walk followed by a zoo trip, a museum trip, and regular every-day activity adds up to. Whew!
We ran to the mall so that I could go to JC Penny’s too look for some more shorts/capris. While I was looking for that stuff, Paul took the kids to the LEGO store. Abigail was excited to see that this guy was still there.

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