16 weeks

Wow! I will officially be 16 weeks tomorrow. I can hardly believe that in roughly 5 months this baby will be here! Highlights of second trimester (so far): much less morning sickness (I had to switch to a battery operated toothbrush because my manual one was triggering my gag reflex…I mean, it was kind of pointless to brush my teeth and then throw up…it made me feel like brushing my teeth again, but what would have been the point?!), feeling less tired (though I can still sleep a solid 10-12 hours if allowed to), and being able to cook again (for the most part. Cooking some things still smells nasty for some reason). Not-so-great things: super sensative nose (we went to Sea World last week, and the fishy smell in the penguin encounter almost knocked me out), crankiness (honestly, I hate being cranky and not being able to know why, other than hormones, I am cranky), and minor pain coming from my sciatic nerve. Every once in a while I’ll get a jab of pain right where the nerve is…nothing radiating down my leg, as of yet, but the jabs are not fun. One nice thing is that I am on Spring Break right now. I’ve had one week off and have one more to go. I have been able to sleep in and lounge around for most of the days (something that this pregnant lady loves to do when allowed). Next thing to look forward to: in a few weeks I go for another ultrasound to see if we can figure out if this peanut is Team Blue or Team Pink. Stay tuned!


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