A Bluebonnet Adventure

The main thing that happened this week was that we finally had a chance to take pictures of the kids in the bluebonnets so that we could update the picture on our wall. I’ve been putting it off because, well…Abigail is a bit of a wild child. She’s starting to listen a little bit better (though there is still room for improvement, ha) and is slightly more cautious (we could still work on that more, too), so I decided we’d go for it. I had seen a patch in the roundabout in Old Town Helotes that I wanted to take them to. Bluebonnets are pretty much everywhere this time of year, but most of the ones nearby are by the sides of busy roads, which is definitely a no-go. We opted to visit Old Town because even though it was a roundabout, we knew we could find a time to go when there would be little-to-no traffic. Other highlights of the week: I took pretty flower pictures and got my first COVID shot. I just had a sore arm and was a little tired the next day. Paul was able to get his second shot (he got his first one last month), which left him with a sore arm the day after, but yesterday (which was two days after), he felt kinda cruddy, tired, and nauseous throughout the day. He’s feel quite a bit better today, thankfully. It’s probably still better than getting the actual virus, though.

Snapdragons (the light pink ones) and periwinkles (dark pink, purple, and white). So fun!
Horseshoe geraniums!
A super-duper close-up of the blossoms on my broom plants.
This is Pampered Chef’s new avocado tool. It’s rather handy! The serrated edge is perfect for cutting the avocado in half. Then the round part has little spikes that you can press into the pit. Once the pit is secure, all it takes is a little twist and the pit comes right out. All I had to do to get the pit off was use a paper towel (just to combat the slippery pit) to hold onto it and pull. Then I used the serrated edge to dice the avocado while it was still in the skin and I ran the flat side all around the edge of the skin to loosen up everything so I could scrape it all onto a plate. I know all of that could be accomplished with a knife (both to dice and to secure and remove the pit) and a spoon (to scrape everything out), but I’m always afraid when removing the pit that way that I’ll cut myself and I have cut myself when trying to cut up the avocado while it was still in the skin (I accidentally poked through the skin because I just wasn’t thinking about how I was holding onto it). It’s also a perk that it’s all one tool, so I only have to wash one thing. 😂
No wonder we’ve had birds hanging out in the yard a little more often than usual…I really had to zoom in to get a picture where you can see the actual nest.
Happy to be outside!
Round One is done!
Last week’s bud has bloomed and there’s a new one right next to it!
It was kind of windy that day, haha.
Abigail loved it. 🙂
This is why I’m grateful for digital photography…we didn’t have to print this one. 😉
Or this one, haha. I think she was in the middle of saying, “Cheese”.
I don’t even know what’s going on in this one…
This one turned out really cute…
…but this is the one that we ultimately chose for the wall.
Sweet boy!
We walked around Old Town a bit and she liked this little wagon.
Outside one of the antique stores. We purposefully chose to come after everything was closed for the day so that traffic (both cars and foot traffic) would be practically non-existent. Abigail was a bit bummed, because she wanted to “see all the stuff”. I asked what she was referring to, and she pointed to a large metal rooster (that was behind the fence). She told me she “wanted to ride the big chicken”. 😀 I told her it probably wasn’t a good idea since the big chicken was probably a bit pokey and scratchy. She conceded and was willing to just look at the other fun things.
I had to do a frame swap. Before, the picture of the kids was in the dark brown frame and the driftwood picture was in the lighter frame. When we got the new picture of the kids, I knew I’d need to flip the frame direction, but found that the dark brown frame didn’t have a way to hang the other direction. So I put the driftwood picture into the dark brown frame and put the picture of the kids in the other frame.

Easter 2021

I thought I’d hop on here and make a separate post about our Easter celebration this year. It was just our little family, which is okay. Each kid got an Easter basket full of books, a fun item, and candy. Later in the day, Paul scattered eggs so the kids could do their own egg hunt. You’ll see in the video that each kid had their own method of collecting. Joseph went with quantity while Abigail was more interested in seeing what each egg contained as she found it. I eventually started putting eggs in her basket so that she’d have more than just a few eggs, because I knew she’d be disappointed at the end if her brother had way more than her. In between the festivities we were able to watch General Conference, which is always a blessing (especially since this year, President Nelson announced twenty new temples to be built!). I worked throughout the day to get dinner ready: starting with rolls, popping the ham into the slow cooker, working on rolls some more, starting the potatoes, defrosting the pie (thank goodness I decided on a store-bought pie), tossing the green beans on the stove at the last minute, making honey butter to go with the rolls, and then serving everything up. It was a really yummy meal…and we were so full that we didn’t even have dessert! We’ll just have to have it tonight. 😉

The Easter Bunny filled their plastic eggs with candy and left them a chocolate bunny and some Reese’s pieces carrots. Mom and Dad got them some fun new books. We also got Joseph a digital camera (yay for flash sales!) and Abigail got a dress-up doctor’s costume.
He zoned in on exactly what I thought he would. 😀
Checking out her new sticker book.
Paging Dr. Abigail!
All of us got very thorough check-ups. Oh, and if you notice the fish bowl sitting on the breakfast bar…we’re fish-sitting for friends who went out of town for the weekend. Rex the beta fish will be headed home sometime in the next couple of days.
Figuring out his new camera.
When one eats a chocolate bunny, one must always start with the ears.
I had to get a picture of her face. 😀
Paul put some eggs on the ground that were easy for Abigail to find.
He used the fence line to put some up higher for Joseph to grab.
More of the easy-to-find ones.
And more of the higher-up ones. I do have to say that having the side yards in the back yard made for more fun places to hide eggs. I think that having our fence line extended was probably one of the best decisions we’ve made.
Ham (super simple recipe: simply put some brown sugar in the bottom of the crock pot, put the ham on top, and then cover the ham with more brown sugar…simple and delicious!), cheesy potatoes (hash browns with a cheese sauce that has onions in it and then crushed potato chips on top), canned green beans, and homemade rolls with honey butter. I like that I was able to take short cuts here and there and still produce a really delicious meal. Dessert was supposed to be a chocolate silk pie (Marie Callendar’s brand from the grocery store), but we ended up not eating dessert.

Video: The annual egg hunt!


Some of My Favorite Things

This was such a typical week, that I think I’m going to break from my regular format. Everybody did stuff, but it was pretty much the same stuff that we’ve been typically doing. The weather is pretty much the same as it’s been, so I’m not sure it warrants readdressing. So, this time around, I thought I’d just talk about the subject matter of the pictures I’ve taken this week. I’ve noticed a theme with my pictures: my plants and my babies. So much growth happens with both of those. I’ve seen my plants awakening with the longer, warmer days. They require nurture in the form of water, sunlight, soil, and air. Children are no different. They require physical nourishment, of course, but they also benefit greatly from love and kindness as we raise them; teaching them right from wrong and how to navigate this world that can simultaneously be amazing and terrifying. I love seeing the growth of my plants and I love seeing the growth of my children. I love seeing their relationship with one another grow. I love seeing the love they have for one another. I’m so grateful we’ve been blessed with those two little souls to guide and to raise.

This is a new favorite picture of them.
She wanted me to build tracks around her when she was laying on the floor. I didn’t quite make it (it’s a little short) because I ran out of curved pieces, but she was still pretty happy with it. She then wanted me to take a picture of her train tracks. 🙂 I hope she maintains this strong creative streak she has going!
Personal space is highly overrated, is it not? 😉
I just can’t get over the color of the mint right now. It’s one of my favorites!
We’ve got our first tomato!
The blossoms on my broom plants are starting to pop!
I took this picture outside, but I love looking at the blossoms through my windows.
Our backyard is one of my favorite places during the spring. The trees are big enough now to actually cast a significant amount of shade.
The tree in the front is doing really well (it doesn’t have any real competition for water, I suppose).
I love seeing him read to her.
When Joseph was a baby (and Paul was deployed to the Middle East), Paul got this book (which is one of those books where you can record yourself reading it), recorded it, and mailed it home to us. We wanted Joseph to be able to hear Paul’s voice. Joseph loved listening to it for a long time. Now, Abigail loves to listen to it.
We’ve got a new rosebud!
February’s snow storms did in the plants we had back here, so Paul ran to Lowe’s today and grabbed some replacements. He went with geraniums, which I think will do well.
He also got some new flowers for the front yard, under the tree (the snow knocked those all out, too). He got periwinkles (which we’ve had before) and snapdragons. He also had spread some wildflower seeds there a couple weeks ago, which have sprouted (that’s what that kind of grassy patch behind the trunk is) but we needed something to fill in the rest.