Who Would’ve Thunk It?

Weekly Happenings: This past week contained a fun night for Joseph. He had his grade-level performance which was followed by a “glow dance” where the kids got to dance in the gym. They had the regular lights off and had a bunch of glow-in-the-dark and black light stuff. We didn’t stay long since it was REALLY loud, but the kids had fun while we were there. We kicked off our weekend with a trip to the zoo this morning. That was super fun, too.

The Weekly Weather: We really had the myriad this past week. We had rather cold days, mild days, and then yesterday, it was in the 80s. I kid you not. Crazy Texas!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He got the confirmation that he got the new position that he applied for at work, so he starts on Monday. If I remember correctly, it’s a system’s admin position in the IT department. He also was able to take a bit of time yesterday to drive out with one of the other Young Men leaders to check out potential camp sites for the Young Men to use in the future.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been up to my usual stuff. Not too much worth mentioning this time around.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He was happy to get to do his grade level performance and the glow dance. He also had another eventful…event thanks to the assistance of his sister’s…head. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Okay, so anyone who read last week’s post might remember me talking about how Abigail and Joseph collided in the pay tunnel and she knocked his loose tooth out. Well. On Monday night (so three days after the first incident), she was giving him a hug goodnight, lost her footing, and essentially head-butted him…in the mouth. And knocked out his OTHER loose tooth. We could hardly believe it! The Darr household is a bit crazy at times, apparently.

This Week in Pictures:

I like to call this one: “Adventure Awaits…”
Joseph’s in the lower-right-hand corner of this picture.
They were singing Disney songs, so that’s why some of the kids were dressed up in Disney gear.
Here’s a close-up of him.
He had a great time!
I sure love this little boy!
His school got a new bronze statue (they are the Colts) from the woman who the school is named after.
Pushing Minnie in a dump truck. This is the greatest example so far of melding Joseph’s old toys with her new ones.
She’s ready for her close-up! And yes, these came home with us, haha.
My sweetheart knows me better than I know myself. Seven years ago, when he was in Afghanistan, he bought me a necklace that had lapis as the center stone. For Valentines’ Day, he surprised me with lapis bracelets and earrings. He also surprised me with dark chocolate and a potted miniature rose plant. 😍
Checking out the bears.
Not many of the small cats were out, but we spotted this spotted guy. Do you see him? Look just next to the side of Joseph’s head. 🙂
Joseph enjoyed seeing this guy rooting around.
Abigail loves walking through the bird enclosure. The birds are loose and rather calm.
They’re doing some renovations to the rhino enclosure (getting ready for new rhinos because they’ll be starting a rhino breeding program). Part of the new renovations was this HUGE statue.
Family selfie on the zoo train!

Typical Texas

Weekly Happenings: This past week was rather average for us. We pretty much just stuck to our routine. It’s nice to have weeks like this, though. It makes the crazy weeks more fun (and bearable, haha).

The Weekly Weather: As is typical in Texas, the weather was all over the place. We had cool days, warm days (the kids were even in shorts one day), and downright cold days (I’m talking a twenty degree drop overnight).

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy at work and busy helping to plan activities for the young men (male youth ages 12-17 at church).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Aside from my typical routine, I did get to go out with some girlfriends for dinner. It was nice to get out of the house for some girl time. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He celebrated his 100th day of school this year (it’s hard to believe we’re at this point of the year). He also celebrated losing yet another tooth. He and Abigail were crawling through the play tunnel at the same time and she bumped into him, knocking out his already really wiggly tooth. He left a really awesome note for the tooth fairy (pictured below) who was luckily able to fulfill his request. 🙂

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She got new shoes since her old ones all of a sudden didn’t fit anymore. She also enjoyed getting to play with a friend at our house yesterday. It’s fun to see her interact with other kids a bit more. She still plays independently a lot which is normal for her age), but she loves it when friends come over.

This Week in Pictures:

She got a pair of boots from a friend of mine who’s niece couldn’t wear them.
To say that she was excited would be an understatement, haha.
A sampling of our crazy weather. It’s no wonder we get really good at layering!
This boy sure loves pickle juice! I let him have a little out of the jar, since he begged me. I didn’t let him have a whole lot since I didn’t want him getting a gut ache!
These two love taking “selfies”.
Abigail really likes to push the button.
She gets a kick out of seeing herself.
I sure love this little cutie!
She has a sense of style that is ALL her own. I claim none of it, haha.
100th day of school means another shirt with 100 different Pokemon!
He wanted to make sure Abigail was included in the picture taking.
All dressed for the day. I love the grown-up looking clothes that I can find for her. Not everything has some crazy cartoon character on it.
Playing with the Minnie Mouse phone she got using some of her Christmas money.
I’ve wanted to get a newborn picture of Abigail up onto our living room wall for a while now (to complement the one we have of Joseph).
I chose this one because the love that is pouring out of Joseph’s soul for his sister just makes me catch my breath.
“Dear Tooth Fairy I’ve grown a lot right? My currency is GX (Pokemon) cards. I’m writing this letter to know if you are real tap a dot on this letter note plz (please) be truthful! P.S. I’m 7.” The tooth fairy dotted his page and made good on the delivery!
Thoroughly enjoying a fresh homemade chocolate chip cookie.


A New Month and Another Milestone

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty regular as far as events go. We pretty much just did what we always do. We did welcome in February, though. It’s hard to believe that January is already come and gone. Time sure flies!

The Weekly Weather: We’ve had typical January/February weather. Cool days and a few rather cold nights (I pulled my outdoor succulents into the garage so they wouldn’t be negatively impacted…which was good because we did get frost covering everything one night). Smatterings of rain, but no big storms. The past few days have been rather pleasant. We haven’t even needed jackets in the afternoons.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy at work and at home. He also went in for a day of jury duty which was LOADS of fun. 😉

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been pretty much just pluggin’ along with my normal stuff, too.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s scootin’ along in school (loves his GT class that he goes to once a week) and enjoyed getting to build a “secret base” at the park with friends (no pictures because a) I left my phone in the car and realized it too late and b) it’s secret!). I love that our park has a ton of big oak trees around which the kids can run around and play.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: We’ve moved her from her high chair to a booster seat at the table (this is the milestone referred to in the title). We’ve also taught her (for the most part, haha) that plates are vessels for food and stay on the table…they don’t get upended, sending food skyward.

This Week in Pictures:

Sitting in her new-to-her seat (it used to be Joseph’s). She loves the fact that it happens to be a cow, haha. She also loves getting to use her Minnie Mouse plate and fork.
Walking home from picking Joseph up from school. She’s independent but not able to bolt, haha.
The ever-so-popular “after school snack” is a must in our house.
I decked out the piano with my “Love Day” decorations.
I also put up my door decoration. I can’t believe it’s held up this long. I used a chunk of burlap ribbon, pipe cleaners, and string. It probably cost less than $5.00 to make and I’ve had it for several years now.
I also put up my paper hearts. I’m so grateful my friend Mandy gave me her stash of scrapbook paper when she no longer needed it. I’ve done a lot of fun things with it.
A new quote for a new month. This was said (or written) by someone named Zora Neale Hurston. She was an African-American anthropologist and author from the early 20th century. Her most popular work is the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God.
Joseph and Paul had a fun day at the park the other day.
I love the big trees there!
Joseph used his Christmas money from Grandma to get Beyblades.
He was able to get the starter kit where two Beyblades come with a battle arena. He was pretty excited.
We went to the farmer’s market in Old Town Helotes today, and Joseph had to pose on this tiny wagon. He wanted a “stoic wagon-driver face” which I agreed to…
…as long as I got a smiley picture, too. 😉
Bonus video! Abigail loves to “lead” the music when I sing our nightly “Happy Family” song.