Drying Out for a Bit and Some Outside Fun

Well, it finally stopped raining (for the time being…we do have more rain in the forecast for next week). Once things dried out a bit (even on dry days, it takes a bit for the ground to be less muddy), we ventured out to do some fun things: playing in the back yard, going to the park, and going for a zoo trip today. We were able to let Abigail loose at the zoo and she did great listening and not running off. It was awesome! One funny story about her: At the end of her baths, I always tell her that she can play until all the water is gone…so she always gets a cup full of water and waits until all the rest of the water in the tub is gone before she gives me a mischievous look while holding her cup full of water. She always looks a little bummed when I tell her she has to empty her cup. Smart yet sassy girl! In other news, Joseph is really enjoying being back in school. He says it’s much better than trying to learn remotely from home. He’s also been able to choose a prize out of the prize box for good behavior/staying on task, which has been a highlight of his week (his teacher recently started this with the in-person learners and loaded the prize box with different toys that are good for hands that need to be kept busy…which are toys that he loves, so it’s a win-win).

As I took a moment to put my feet up, I couldn’t help but be struck by how much I love this view. I’m so grateful for my home and country! πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
These two sillies on May 4th (also known as Star Wars day because people jokingly say “May the Fourth be with you”).
Trying to get Abigail to hold still for a picture is a challenge.
There! We did it!
Hello from the other side of the camera!
I. Love. Our. Back yard.
Dr Pepper floats are yummy!
“Shooting” me with bubbles.
Coming in for her close-up. πŸ˜‰
Chasing down the bubbles…
Sorry for the finger placement in all of these, haha. I was holding the bubble gun and trying to take pictures all at the same time.
She decided the spider needed some hair. πŸ™‚
Tomato progress: there are a bunch down here…
…and some more up here!
I took the kids to the park on Thursday. They had a blast playing with this tube where they could talk to each other. A few minutes after this, friends showed up, which was even better!
Little sister game is ON POINT.
I felt like my table decor needed a little bit more definition to break it up. Before, I had the fabric and then a square place mat that was made up of small wooden squares, with the milk jug and candlesticks all on top of that. It was cute, but it felt a little…flat.
Even though the tray is also flat, I think the sides make it so that it’s a little more defined. Plus, I love the metal accents and rustic feel.
The dinosaurs are still at the zoo!
Abigail loved it when they would move.
Abigail was also happy that the butterfly wall was still there.
Sitting on the hippo statue.
I almost got them to both look at the camera at the same time!
Sharing a bucket of popcorn.
I forgot to take a picture of our new entryway light. I like that it isn’t the cheap builder globe anymore. You can’t tell from the picture, but the light bulbs are the old-fashioned looking Edison bulbs. The glass has a little bit of a crackle finish, which I really love.

Where’s My Boat?

Oof. We have gotten a ton of rain in the last few days. We’ve had brief breaks between storms, but it really feels like we’ve had 4+ inches of rainfall so far (and it’s currently raining, as I type). I can’t really complain, though. We just entered Stage 2 water restrictions, which means we can only water on our specified day and at a specified time. Hopefully this rain will help! We had a pretty crazy storm a couple of nights ago. It dropped hail the size of nickels (luckily it was really sporadic, so no damage) and a ton of rain. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as areas further out. They had tennis ball sized hail and there was even a small tornado that briefly touched down (thankfully, it didn’t sound like anyone was hurt). Yesterday’s rain and today’s rain has been a little less volatile.

In other news: Paul has been making the most of this rainy day. Since he can’t do yard work, he’s been doing some work around the house. He’s already replaced the insides of one of the toilets and he’s currently switching out the faucets in our bathroom sinks. He’s also got a new light for the entryway that he’ll switch out at some point. I’m so grateful for all of his hard work that keeps our house looking nice! As for me, I got the second round of my COVID shot last night. So far, other than a rather sore arm, I haven’t had any other side effects. Joseph had a good week at school, and Abigail lost another tooth!

Heading back to the car on the way out of church last Sunday, she reeaallly wanted to take a picture with a stick (🀷). We told her we could do that if we could get her into her car seat first (we were afraid she’d bolt, we’d need to chase her down, and then deal with a tantrum getting her into the car, tbh).
Waiting for dinner (homemade pizza) to be done. She said, “I’m going to sit here and watch until it’s all done!” *three minutes later* “Uuuummm, maybe I’ll go watch Goof Troop instead.” πŸ˜‚
Showing me the new hole in her mouth. Unlike her first one back in January (which was just loose enough to get knocked out when she bumped her cup against it), we knew this one was loose.
You can kind of see the adult tooth for the first one finally coming in (on the left).
Abigail was excited to find out that the Tooth Fairy was able to leave her some Bluey figurines in exchange for her tooth. 😊
Getting Bluey figurines naturally led to a Bluey marathon. It really is a cute show…and it’s hilarious, which always is a plus.
Dinner a few nights ago: breakfast hand pies. I used puff pastry for the crust and the filling was scrambled eggs, diced ham, cheese, and a bit of chives. A simple egg wash across the top made them nice and golden brown. They were pretty tasty!
We affectionately call this the Darr River. Any time we get a significant amount of rain, it seems to gather right here in the yard (better there than right at the base of the porch, though. You can also see some other areas with standing water. We really have gotten quite a bit of rain.

Bonus Video: the light show from the other night. Our trash cans were on the porch because the next day was trash day, but we didn’t want them to blow down the street or tip over during the storm.


We Have Two Kids, I Promise

I’m starting to notice a trend in our family dynamic. Joseph has taken to hanging out in his room more and more. At first I was a smidge concerned, but then I realized he’s NINE. He’s practically a preteen. Yikes! He’s got a room full of LEGOS, books, and his different video games. No wonder he’s almost always in there. It seems like, as of late, when I post pictures on here, they’re always Abigail and not Joseph. I need to try to get more pictures of him before he turns into a crazy teenager who refuses to be photographed, ha. So, I promise we have two kids…one has just become rather…elusive.

In other news, the mockingbirds have been rather cheeky as of late. I was out watering on Monday and had to duck as about four of them raced over my head, chasing each other. Then, a couple of days ago, I heard them going at it again in the front yard. All of a sudden, I heard a big crash against the storm door (the regular door was open). I realized one of them must’ve hit it, but I didn’t see a bird on the ground. Hopefully it’s okay!

As far as things going on in our lives: Paul’s been busy with work and yard work, I’ve been busy with the kids, house, and teaching piano, and the kids have been busy with their own things. Joseph is doing well at school, but I think he’s ready for summer break. We’ve got about a month and a half to go. Abigail keeps me on my toes with her shenanigans and active imagination. πŸ™‚

Checking out a caterpillar that Paul caught.
It’s a spiky black one with green spots. In this picture, it’s right on the bottom of the jar.
I still get excited when my rolls turn out well! I made these big since I wanted to use them as buns for meatball sandwiches.
A good friend dropped off some clothes that her girls have outgrown. Abigail was excited to find this dress-up dress and matching doll. 😊
She said she was a kangaroo with a joey in her pouch. She then asked me to take her picture. 😁