These Are the Days

Weekly Happenings: This past week, I was in a bit of a funk…I suppose it was a result of getting back into real life after having partied it up with Tracie fora few days there. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Texas, but man, there are times where I still get struck with waves of homesickness for my family and friends that knock me back a few paces. When that happens, I’ve found that I need to look around and recount my many, many blessings (my immediate family, the new friends I have made here, our beautiful home, the fact that I can stay home to raise our children, and many, many more). When I’m able to do that, I can put that grumpy gal back in her corner and feel more like myself. This was a pretty average week as far as activities go, so that has helped me get back into the groove of things, too.

The Weekly Weather: It’s kind of been all over the place. We’ve had warm days, hot days, cool days, dry days, soupy humid days…pretty typical for this time of year when we’re kind of in-between summer and winter, haha.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He worked from home this week, which was nice for when I needed to run a few errands that were easier done sans bringing the toddler with me. I’m so grateful for such a supportive spouse!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I had a couple nights where I got together with small groups of people for some fun activities: a girls’ night where we each brought some fun items and exchanged them amongst ourselves and then a movie night with my book club friends where we watched a movie adaptation of one of the books we just read.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s battled an allergy attack this past week that he seems to be getting better from finally…and he still is enjoying going to school in-person.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Her imaginative play has just exploded this week and she’s getting a bit better at entertaining herself (without destroying the house, haha) rather than wanting me to entertain her all of the time.

This Week in Pictures:

She told me she was all ready for Halloween. 🙂 She is also getting better at looking at the camera and smiling at me when I ask her to (this is her “Cheese!” face). When I look at pictures like this, I’m so grateful I can bottle these moments: when she loved to dress up…when she loved wearing her Christmas shirt in October…she can be challenging at times, but she really is a blessing and delight.
I’m experimenting to see if I can keep a centerpiece on the table again. There was a while that Abigail would climb up and take everything down (if you notice, the salt and pepper aren’t there because I’m still burned from the time that she made it “snow” in the dining room with salt…and the napkins aren’t there because she would scatter them on a regular basis). Obviously the spiderweb fabric will only be there for Halloween, but I pulled down the wooden place mat again. I already had the plant (it had just been living on the breakfast bar before), but the candle sticks are new. When I went to Waco a couple weeks ago, we went to Clint Harp’s store (Clint was the guy who would do all of the custom woodwork on the show Fixer Upper) and I bought a couple candle sticks. So far, Abigail has done really well with them all. I told her they were special to me and they needed to stay on the table. I also let her play with the green bucket that had been up there before, so that definitely sweetened the deal, haha.
She’s ready for her close-up!
In order to get the nice picture…
…I had to promise to do a crazy one.
The aftermath of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I gave it to her to eat and then walked off. A few minutes later, I hear, “Mom…Momma…Mom! I LOVE peanut butter cups.”
She had dressed up like a princess (complete with magical flying horse, a magical sword, a princess crown and dress, and her favorite sparkly Anna and Elsa shoes) right before it was time to get Joseph from school. Since I’m a firm believer in picking my battles, we drove to go get him. That way, we could just wait in the car for him, haha.
It was a bit chilly this morning, so she decided she needed to snuggle with her Minnie Mouse blanket and all the clubhouse pals.
Paul picked up some mini pumpkins so that Abigail could decorate one. He put the others on the table to give the centerpiece a bit more of a fall look. I love it! When November hits, I’ll tuck away the spiderweb fabric, but I think I’ll leave the pumpkins as far into November as I can (before they mold).
The blank spot above the dinosaur poster had been niggling at me, but I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted up there. A couple of days ago, I went to Hobby Lobby for something completely unrelated and I found the perfect thing.
These two canvas prints are perfect with what I’ve already got going on. Paul hung them up today and they look great!

One Last Day of Fun and Then Back to the Grind ;)

Weekly Happenings: On Monday, I had one last day with Tracie before she had to fly back to Utah that evening. We got up early and drove out to Fredericksburg to hike Enchanted Rock. It’s a huge rock that, if you hike up to the top of it, you get really beautiful views of the Hill Country that surrounds it. After we hiked the rock, we walked around Fredericksburg (Main Street is full of historic buildings, cute shops, and yummy restaurants) and also checked out the area around the Pacific War Museum (the inside of the museum was closed for cleaning) which also included a Garden of Peace that was donated by the Japanese people to the people of the United States. Oh, and we stumbled across one area that had an old water wheel that had been restored with the help of funds from our church (as well as a plaque that commemorated the memory of the Zodiac Colony which was a colony of pioneers from our church that apparently settled in the area in 1846). It was neat to see that bit of history that I wasn’t aware of. We grabbed lunch at a yummy Italian place and then headed home. On the way home, we stopped by a roadside stand. It’s normally only open during peach season, but they decided to stay open a little longer and sell some melons, apples, and pumpkins. We didn’t buy any produce, but I bought some homemade peach preserve and Tracie went home with some goat’s milk lotion and a really good smelling candle. After I took Tracie to the airport, life kind of returned to normal: work, school, errands, piano teaching, etc.

The Weekly Weather: Our mornings have been cool and pleasant with it warming up in the afternoons. Not much rain to mention (I think it might have sprinkled this morning). Hopefully it’ll start cooling down some more. It doesn’t feel much like fall when it’s 80-90 degrees outside.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He worked at work this past week (except Monday) and will work from home this next week. He’s also been busy with HOA stuff (trying to get ready for the annual meeting) and stuff for the Libertarian party (since election day is swiftly approaching).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Other than playing on Monday, I didn’t do too much out of the ordinary…oh, except I did also get to go to book club, which was fun as always.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had another good week at school. I don’t see much of him after school because he makes a bee-line for his room. I figure he probably needs a bit of time to unwind after school, so I let him be.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been busy as usual. She still tells me on a regular basis that she’s ready to put on her costume and go get candy. 😉 She is slowly adjusting to having to leave Joseph at school (but still tries to latch onto him as soon as he gets home…maybe that’s why he heads for the hills, haha).

This Week in Pictures:

Enchanted Rock!
The beginning trail was dirt, but luckily (for my footing) the rest of it was rock.
The view from the top.
There was a lake down there, which was really pretty. I just wish it was a little less hazy. The view got clearer as the day progressed, but it was also quickly getting hotter.
We made it to the top! I want to say that the elevation change from the bottom to the top is 485 feet…and the entire hike was a little shy of two miles…so that tells you how steep the incline was at some points.
Paul sent me a picture of the lunch he made for Abigail: a cheese sandwich shaped like Texas and some Pirate’s Booty (a cheesy puffed corn snack that she loves). Such a good Daddy!
This is the National Museum of the Pacific War.
It was first owned by Charles Nimitz and then was turned into a hotel. In the mid-60s, it was turned into the museum.
One of the guns that was on display.
The Japanese Garden of Peace.
I loved the raked rocks.
The plaque explaining the garden.
One last selfie!
Fredericksburg had cool things tucked around everywhere. This fountain was tucked back in an alley we walked by.
This is the water wheel I was talking about earlier. There was a plaque near it that mentioned that our church helped provide funds to help restore it.
This is a statue John O. Meusebach who was one of the founders of Fredericksburg and the Penatuka Comanche Chief Santanna smoking a peace pipe after making a treaty between the settlers in Fredericksburg and the Comanche.
It’s believed that this treaty is the only one that has never been broken by one side or the other.
I’m sure this is a replication (because it wasn’t blocked off or protected from the elements), but it was still cool to see this representation of native life.
I can’t remember what building this is (I think it’s a small museum of some sort), but I thought it was a cool shape.
New nails! Oh, and guess what?
They glow in the dark! 😀
Walking home from taking Joseph to school, I noticed the radio tower looked…different.
When zooming in, I realized that there were actually a ton of birds up there. They looked too big to be hawks…I think they were vultures. :/
She needed to cuddle with Minnie.
This was a fun shot that I got of the two of them swinging.
Never a dull moment…she was walking around, singing at the top of her lungs (some little song she made up), with this bucket on her head, haha.

Fun Times Galore

Weekly Happenings: This past week held some fun times for a few people in our household. We had General Conference (a worldwide conference for our church) last weekend, which was wonderful as ever. It’s still weird to see it being broadcast from a smaller room with just a few people in attendance, but I’m grateful that it could still happen. I’m so grateful for technology! Monday, Joseph was able to go back to school in-person. He said that it was a bit weird wearing a mask all day, but he’s really glad he gets to see his teacher in person and see all his friends (and recess with friends is good, too). AND. On Thursday, I got to pick up my best friend, Tracie, from the airport. She has come down for a short trip (she goes back to Utah tomorrow evening), so we’re soaking in as much San Antonio and Texas sights as we can. So far, we’ve been up to Waco (the Silos, Magnolia shop, Harp Design Co., the suspension bridge, and the Dr. Pepper museum) and have seen some of the Downtown sights (the Japanese Tea Gardens, the Riverwalk, the Alamo, and La Villita (and the Arneson River Theater). Tomorrow, we’re going to hike Enchanted Rock and check out Fredericksburg (so those pictures will be on next week’s blog). Paul was able to take a couple of days off so that Tracie and I could have a lot of time together. I’m so grateful for him!

The Weekly Weather: I wish I could say that the cooler temps have been hanging around, but they haven’t. At least the mornings have been cool, though. I think we’re supposed to have a cool front move in soon…so that will be nice.

What Paul’s Been Up To: The poor guy got a sinus infection the day before I picked Tracie up from the airport. He was pretty sure that’s what it was, but he still went in to urgent care to be sure (and to get some antibiotics). They did a chest x-ray and a COVID test (which came back negative, thank goodness) and then gave him some antibiotics. He’s starting to feel a bit better now that he has a couple of days of antibiotics in his system.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: As was already mentioned, I’ve been traipsing around town and around Texas. 😀 I’ll go into more detail with the captions for the pictures.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He really enjoyed getting to go back to school. He comes home happy every day. It’s so great!

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She doesn’t like leaving Joseph at school, but she sure is happy when he comes home! She does like having more “Mom time” now that I don’t need to be helping Joseph with school.

This Week in Pictures:

He was pretty excited to go back to school.
She wasn’t sure about needing to be up so early. This was her mid-day.
This has been her reaction every time he’s come home, though. She misses him while he’s at school.
Ah, Texas sunset!
It’s been three years since we last saw one another. This weekend has been so great!
She wanted me to put a clover behind her ear…
She turned her head because she wanted to be sure I could see the clover.
Dr. Pepper museum. I thought the differently shaped bottles were neat.
An info page on a little history of Dr. Pepper.
I love the vintage signs.
See? Even Godzilla prefers Dr. Pepper. 😉 This was a funny sign that was in the museum.
At one end of the suspension bridge were these bronze statues. They used to drive cattle over the bridge back in the day. This is the vaquero…
…and this is the trail boss.
I’ve seen shots of this bridge on Fixer Upper, so it was cool to see it in person.
On the suspension bridge.
Another selfie!
It was cool to get to go to Harp Design Company. Clint Harp is the man who would do a lot of the woodwork on Fixer Upper. He now has a company and a shop front. I bought some cool candlesticks from there.
A lot of it was still under construction (they’re doing some expansion), but it was still fun to get to walk around what was still open.
Japanese Tea Gardens.
I love that waterfall!
I thought these blue flowers were beautiful.
So, this heron was sitting on this little island in the water…which doesn’t look like water because of the reflection of all of the greenery.
I promise it’s water, though. In this one, you can see the heron’s reflection in the water.
A close up of the waterfall.
I loved getting to traipse around the gardens with Tracie!
I thought the social distancing suggestion on this sign at the Alamo was funny.
The Alamo!
Had to get one with both of us, for sure.
Right now, you have to set up a tour time in advance, which is nice. It means it isn’t as crowded…which means more opportunity for shots like this.
The Arneson River Theater. Pre-COVID, they would do plays here and people taking the riverboat tours could even catch part of the show. The grassy part is actually seating.
Walking the Riverwalk.
Paul took this picture and sent it to me. She sure has loved getting to spend time with “the boys”.