A Chill Week With a Few Projects Mixed In

This week was pretty chill. We pretty much just bounced around the house. We did do a few mini projects, but I think I’ll just describe those in the corresponding pictures. 🙂

Playing “Lemonade Shop”. Abigail had put a piece of fruit (from her play kitchen) in each cup and was using her tablet as a checkout screen.
This set-up can only mean one thing: roll baking!
The nerd in me loves to see yeast reacting to sugar and warm water!
I love when they come out this scrumptious-looking!
I made my rolls bigger than usual so that I could use them for meatball sandwiches.
She wanted to play…so he gave her a controller. He left out the little detail that it wasn’t on…and she didn’t notice. 😂
I wanted to have something on top of this cabinet in our living room to make it feel more…finished. Paul mentioned wanting to bring more of Abigail’s books downstairs, so he suggested a book case of some sort. I couldn’t find a book case that I liked that fit the space, but I did find a metal basket that I just turned on its side. I added a decorative milk jug with some faux greens in it (I have a few others just like it in other parts of the living and dining rooms, so I feel it ties in nicely).
The farther off shot.
She was pretty excited to have more books downstairs.
I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this sight. 😍 It doesn’t hurt that they’re reading one of my favorite books, either. 😁
What a difference {almost} nine years makes. Also, I finally realized just why I don’t mind watering the plants in the front: I’m pretty much in the shade the entire time. 😂
Pretty flowers make me smile. These snapdragons are some of my favorites.
It’s hard to see, but I added some mesh over the tomatoes in hopes that the birds will finally have to leave them alone.
Paul added a cord cover to cover up the cords that were going down from the TV. I love how neat it looks now!
I added some more flowers to the front of our flower bed in the front yard (there used to be wildflowers there, but they have died off for the year).
Paul hung up the pantry sign that I bought (it matches the one I got for the powder room).
I have a brownie pan that is a pan that makes twelve individual brownies…and I tried a new recipe: butterscotch pecan. I used my cooking blender to make pecan butter and then mixed that into a boxed brownie mix (along with the other ingredients needed for the brownies). Then while they were baking, I used my blender to make a butterscotch sauce to go on top (that’s where the butterscotch element from the recipe title comes in).

How is July Halfway Over?!

I’m still trying to figure out how time passes so quickly. I was looking at the calendar and realized that we’re already halfway through July. Before I know it, it’ll be the end of August and the kids will be headed to school. It’s going to be crazy to have both of them at school during the day (well, Abigail will only be half day, but there will still be a chunk of time where they’re both gone). As far as what we’ve done this week, we’ve been pretty chill. Abigail had a dental check-up (no cavities, yay!) and we took a trip to the zoo. They’re currently playing “The Ground is Lava”, which is fun to listen to (when they aren’t fighting, haha).

This is what it looks like when you eat your sundae cone backwards (and by that I mean cone-first).
They love these hippos!
We took a detour off of our regular route and found the frogs and other amphibians. 🙂
We decided to visit the Tiny Tot Nature Spot. Abigail loves this boat. She spent most of her time there.
Slooooooooth seeeeeeaaaat.
Purple is fun…
…but polka dots are even better!
Play-doh fun!
Abigail has a book of nursery rhymes/songs. She was looking at the pictures and singing the songs that went along with them. It took a little bit of time for me to realize what was going on, so I didn’t quite get all of it, but I got most of it! I want to remember her little cute voice.

Fireworks Fun and a Zoo Adventure

The weather this past week was rather wet (we got six inches of rain in less than 24 hours and got rain every day after that, so…yeah), so we didn’t do too much. Luckily, the few things we did do were a ton of fun. Sunday was Independence Day, so the day before, Paul stopped by one of the fireworks stands and got some fireworks and a few sparklers. Our neighbors down the street got a ton of stuff, so we had front row seats to some awesome fireworks, too. The other fun thing we got to do was mid-week when I took the kids to the zoo. We dodged rainstorms and had a great time (we even got super-close to the lions which was a real treat). One funny story from this week: one night, Abigail “snuck” out of her room (it sounded like a herd of elephants because she was running). I headed up to check on her and she heard me coming, so she hoofed it back to bed. I slowly opened her door and she was in bed, with her eyelids cracked open (looking at me), and doing her most convincing impersonation of someone snoring. I can’t with that kid. 😂

Watching Dad getting ready to light off some fireworks. They had their hearing protection on because it was a little loud already.
The fountains were my favorite (lots of lights but minimal noise).
I love these super-long sparklers. I don’t worry as much about the kids burning themselves.
This was the first year we let Abigail hold her own.
She was super-excited!
Another beautiful sunset.
A yummy dessert to wrap up a fun evening. Strawberry shortcake is a big hit in our house.
She loves her Bluey so much!
We took advantage of some rare dry weather and played outside for a bit one day.
I did take the kids out one day for haircuts.Abigail got her bangs trimmed and also got a trim all around. She’s also been into eating yogurt “couches” (yogurt pouches). I love that she’s figured out how to eat those…so much less mess than having her eat it out of a bowl, haha.
Joseph’s super-happy with shorter hair!
Eating an ice cream cone after an evening walk.
She got all excited one morning and told me, “Hey, Mom! Look! ‘P’ is for “plant!”
She needed to “ride the giant lizard.”
Joseph opted for standing.
Hippo statue!
She was so enamored with that lion!
He was rubbing his mane on that beam right there. We really got a kick about how close he was.
The elephants were super close that day, too!
Abigail’s favorite: the dwarf mongoose.
She was giving him a drumming lesson. 😉
I tried out a new recipe: spinach and artichoke dip pasta.
It was pretty tasty!
Playing together.
Helping with the laundry.
All the fungicide that Paul sprayed on our grass (we have a hard time with mold, especially during the wet months) apparently washed away. These mushrooms popped up literally overnight.
Paul bought some more shelves for our downstairs closet. Here’s the before…
…and here’s the after!