Another Week Gone

Weekly Happenings: January can be rough. It comes on the tail-end of the magic that is the holidays, it’s cold and sometimes dreary, and it can just end up feeling kind of ho-hum. We did our best to chase away the January blahs by going to the park to play a couple times, going for a bike/stroller ride, and hanging around, having fun at home.

The Weekly Weather: It was mostly on the cooler side, but there were a few days that were beautiful and warmer (those were the days we went to the park, haha).

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s back into school, so that keeps him busy. He also went to PAX South, which is a gaming convention. He went with one of our friends and the two of them had a pretty good time looking at all of the different gaming stuff.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I didn’t do too much out of the ordinary. It was fun to get the kids out of the house a couple of times to go to the park.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s finished up the testing process for the Gifted & Talented program at school (we should get the results some time in the spring). He enjoyed getting out in the fresh air (even though it’s currently full of mountain cedar pollen which we are all allergic too) at the park and also enjoyed having a play date at a friend’s house.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Crawling like crazy, playing peek-a-boo (where she actually will put something over her own eyes and then move it to see the other person), teething like crazy (I think her first set of molars is working its way in), putting EVERYTHING in her mouth (ugh), clapping, “dancing”, “singing”…this is such a fun and entertaining age!

This Week in Pictures:

Someone was tired and cozy enough to fall asleep on our way home from dropping Joseph off at school.
I sure love this little girl!
She loves to see herself in the camera, haha.
She loves the swings at the park!
My first attempt at making cornbread, from scratch, in my new skillet.
Ta-da! It turned out so good and went perfectly with the roast and veggies I made in the crock pot.
It’s a savory cornbread (no sugar or anything sweet in the recipe), but we found that we liked that better because then it went well with the roast (soaking up the juices) but then also could be sweetened up with a drizzle of honey (yum).
It’s nice to know that weaponry of all sorts is ready wherever I might need it…in this case, the kids’ bathroom (Joseph had set it there while he brushed his teeth and then forgot about it). πŸ˜‰
Joseph needed new bedding, so Paul found him a bed-in-a-bag that was PokΓ©mon. His face when he first saw it was so great. Several times that night he would come up to either Paul or me and thank us for it. I love that he is such a grateful kid!
Going for a bike ride through the neighborhood (I was following along with Abigail in the stroller).

Bonus Video: Abigail clapping!


Hello, 2018!

Weekly Happenings: I can hardly believe I typed that year. It’s a little surreal when I start to think just how long ago certain things (high school, getting married, etc.) were. Next year, Paul and I will mark our 20th high school reunion! O.o Anyway…this past week marked ringing in the New Year (with a lot of noise from our neighborhood, as always) and the end of the winter break. We tucked all the Christmas stuff away, started back to school (for Joseph, at least…Paul starts up again tomorrow), and tried to stay warm, haha.

The Weekly Weather: As I eluded to, it’s been downright cold. There were a couple days there where we barely made it above freezing! Thankfully it’s starting to warm up a bit to more average winter temperatures (50s and 60s). This SoCal-transplanted-Texan couldn’t handle it when I would go outside and the air would actually make my face hurt, haha.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He soaked up his last week of his break from school by keeping busy with work, family time, and taking down all the Christmas decorations at all the entrances to our neighborhood (luckily take-down always goes a bit faster than putting them up).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much, other than getting back into the swing of things (mainly that 5:15 alarm). I did get to play the piano for a baptism yesterday (which is always a fun experience).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He started back to school, attended a friend’s birthday party, and (drum-roll, please) lost another tooth!

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She continues to improve on crawling on hands and knees (I think I noticed some calluses developing on her toes…it took me a bit to realize what they were and how they got there), loves to bounce up and down whenever there’s music of any type playing, is really into growling (this week, anyway), is figuring out waving, has started to “sing” when she hears other people singing (mainly at church), and has figured out how to clap. It just might be one of the cutest things she’s done so far. She gets the biggest grin on her face when she does it!

This Week in Pictures:

She likes to empty the dress-up box one item at a time. This stormtrooper mask is probably her favorite thing to look at, though.
One last shot of one of my favorite Christmas decorations before it got tucked away with the rest. I don’t know how long ago my mom gave me this lighthouse, but I’m so grateful it has survived our multiple moves!
Photographic evidence of just how cold it got!
And yet more photographic evidence, haha. Yes, that does say 21 degrees on there…brrrrrr!
The smile makes up for the mess. πŸ˜‰
Paul was holding his phone in just the right way so that it looked like the kids were taking their own pictures. This was on our “family date night” to IHOP (because Abigail really, really loves pancakes). πŸ˜€
Joseph loves to ham it up for the camera.
I sure do love his fun personality!
Every once in a while, I get a hankering for chocolate chip cookies. Thanks to some advice Paul gave me a couple years back, I always keep the ingredients on hand. πŸ˜€
A new gap! His tooth had been loose for such a long time (to the point that he’d show us how he could move it just by pushing air out from behind it, haha) and yesterday it literally fell out on its own while we were sitting and watching TV (he was probably mindlessly wiggling it back and forth with his tongue). We were just relaxing and all of a sudden he got a weird look on his face, reached into his mouth, and popped it into his hand.

Bonus Video: This is not a video I took. It was taken by a person who had a drone that recorded the crazy fireworks that go off in our area (in this case, a neighborhood that’s just a couple miles from ours) during New Year’s Eve.


Christmas Fun

Weekly Happenings: The most fun event of this past week was getting to celebrate Christmas as a family. It was so fun to see the kids enjoying their presents and it was a great opportunity to take some time to reflect on the gift of our Savior and His birth. I also took the kids to the zoo for some extra fun things (a carousel ride and a ride on the zoo train which had been transformed into the “Holiday Express”).

The Weekly Weather: It’s actually been acting like winter! I think yesterday was the only day that we didn’t wear jackets, and even then, it was still only in the 60s. It’s been nice. πŸ™‚

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been enjoying this break from school. He has been soaking up family time, too, which has been really fun.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not much, other than keeping the kids occupied (especially Joseph, during the break from school).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been playing with some of his Christmas presents (a magic set and a new video game) and has also enjoyed getting some extra play time with Abigail.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: It’s more like what Abigail’s been IN to…she’s figured out that crawling on hands and knees is A LOT faster than the “low crawl” and she is FAST. I’ve resurrected the title “Commando Destructo” and have given it to her, haha. She had her one-year check up and is floating just under 20 lbs. and is almost 30 inches long.

This Week in Pictures:

The girls all dressed up for church on Christmas Eve.
The boys in their matching ties.
All ready for bed on Christmas Eve.
Here it all is!
Santa came and filled the stockings!
I got new pots (stainless steel), some new cast iron skillets, and a new food processor…yay!
Opening stockings (Joseph was pulling stuff out of Abigail’s for her).
Unwrapping presents.
More stocking fun.
Trying to figure out how to get to her toy through the wrapping.
Unwrapping his present from Uncle Jason, Aunt Saira, and Luna.
He was so excited…
…because it was a magic kit!
Playing with the empty boxes. As you can see, Paul got a circular saw. πŸ™‚
That’s just as fun as the toys, right?
Checking out her new books.
Playing with her new Cinderella carriage.
I meant it when I said she was getting into everything…
Playing his new video game.
I love watching these two play together!
I experimented with making bread dough, letting it rise once, forming it into rolls, and then freezing it. A couple of days later, I took them out to thaw…
…and bake. Voila! Fresh rolls for Christmas dinner!
Paul grilled the turkey…SO good!
Our feast!
A friend of mine (who has a daughter Joseph’s age) gave me this hat for Abigail. I love hand-me-downs!
I went to a white elephant party for Relief Society just before Christmas. I ended up “stealing” this from someone else because I had a feeling the kids would love it, haha.
I love this goofball!
Riding the carousel at the zoo.
Almost a normal family shot…almost, haha.
Checking out the new hippo. A while back, one of the hippos unfortunately got sick and died. Right before Christmas, the zoo got a new hippo from another zoo in New Mexico.This new hippo happens to be the grandson of the hippo our zoo still has!
Waiting for the train.
They gave us jingle bells…sort of like a Polar Express thing.
He wanted a close-up since I had gotten one of Abigail.
There we got a normal shot!
Ringing his jingle bell.
Commando Destructo at it again!
“Whatcha doin’, Brother?”
“Seriously…that looks fascinating…can I see? Please?!”
Trying to put on the hat by herself…

Bonus Video: A Magic Trick by Joseph!