The Rain Might Be Here to Stay

Weekly Happenings: We really didn’t do too much out of the ordinary this past week. The weather kind of kept us home bound (rain is one thing…torrential downpours accompanied by thunder and lightning is quite another). I did get a couple of nights out with friends for a baby shower and a going away party, […]

A Day for the Mommas

Weekly Happenings: This past week may have been considered by some as a boring week, since it consisted of mostly staying home, but for us, we love being home, so it was a great week. We really didn’t leave the house for much except little errands here and there (oh, and for teaching piano; I […]

They’ve Flown the Coop!

Weekly Happenings: The big thing that happened this past week was that the baby birds have taken flight. I stepped out onto the back patio (on my way out to water the plants in our garden) and they all took off at once (including Momma-bird). It scared me since they took off all around me. […]