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This Week In Review

Here’s your video for the week. Today was a gorgeous day (we had a huge thunderstorm last night that seemed to clear everything out), so we spent time after church swinging, playing with bubbles, and then walking around the neighborhood.

His new thing to do this week is mimic us when we say, “Achoo!” He finds it hilarious, and so do we! As for the rest of the week, here’s the highlights: I didn’t post about Joseph’s first week in nursery, so I need to do a little bit of catch-up. He had a blast last week! I went in, put him down, and he made a bee-line for the toys…didn’t even look back. When I left, there was another parent in there, watching the kids until the head nursery leader could get some more people to sub (since the regular leaders were sick and hadn’t had a chance to get subs). I asked if she could give the subs Joseph’s particulars (lactose intolerant, first time, I would be in Primary if they needed me, etc.). She remembered to tell them everything except that it was his first time, and I guess he was doing so well, they didn’t realize that it was his first time, until the water cups came out. Apparently, Joseph thought it would be fun to knock them all over…oh dear. When I came to pick him up at the end of church, they told me, “Oh…he did SO well! We didn’t realize it was his first day until he started knocking water cups left and right…then it occurred to us that he might be a rookie.” I was a little embarrassed, but I couldn’t help but laugh about it (especially since everyone else was). After all, it was only water! Here is a picture of him all dressed up and ready for church:

Love the bow tie! [1]
Love the bow tie!

The rest of the week seemed to rush by, and we got to Saturday before I even realized it (oh, Joseph had his 18-month well-baby visit during the week. He’s 28 pounds, 10 ounces, and is 33 inches tall…we joke that it’s a good thing that we moved to Texas, because he seems to be built for football!). About mid-week, we decided that since Sea World is so close to us (about 20 minutes), we’d go on Saturday (after a baptism that I needed to be at to play the piano) and get season passes. Well, Saturday morning dawned cloudy and wet. I think I was the most disappointed. We had pretty much written off going, but as I was driving home from the baptism, the sun broke free of the clouds and it cleared just enough (though it was humid as all get-out) for us to go. Joseph LOVED it! We didn’t see any of the shows, since we got there sort of late in the afternoon and had already made plans with friends for the evening, so we just walked around and saw a few of the exhibits. We stopped off at the penguins first. When Joseph saw them, he said, “Woah!” and his eyes got all big. The same thing went for the puffins…then we got to go see the dolphins. The dolphin area is open so that you can walk right up to the edge of the water and see them. That was when the huge smiles started. Joseph absolutely fell in love with the dolphins. He watched as they jumped out of the water, did tricks, stuck their heads and flippers out of the water, and swam all around. When it was time to move on, Joseph started to cry…he didn’t want to go, lol. Daddy did a good job distracting him and getting him back into the good mood that he’s almost always in. After the dolphins we went and saw the aquarium fish and also the sharks. All-in-all, a great afternoon.

Being goofy with Mommy. [2]
Being goofy with Mommy.
Family portrait [3]
Family portrait
Checking out the dolphins. [4]
Checking out the dolphins.
The puffin exhibit. [5]
The puffin exhibit.

Before I went to the baptism (and before Sea World), we spent the morning running a few errands and then hung out at home. As one of our errands, we were able to get a tube for Joseph to explore in. He has shown interest in them before (at other people’s houses), so we decided to get one for him, since they are pretty cheap. It took him a bit to remember how exactly to use it, but after watching Mommy and Daddy a few times, he remembered.

On his way in... [6]
On his way in…
...and on his way out! [7]
…and on his way out!

That’s pretty much our week in review! I’m already looking forward to this next week to see what adventures unfold. 🙂