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The Days Just Fly By

This week flew by before I could even really realize it. It’s probably because not too much out of the ordinary happened…we just plugged along as usual.

Playing with his monkey jack-in-the-box [1]
Playing with his monkey jack-in-the-box

Joseph is really good about playing on his own when I need to get stuff done. One afternoon, after getting him up from his nap, I had to run back downstairs really quickly to do something. I came back upstairs and found him in his room, playing with his toys. I love this little man!

Another thing that we like to do to make time pass by quickly (especially if he’s a little cranky, or if it’s right before bed time and we need him to stay up just a LITTLE longer so that he’s not waking us up before 7:00 the next morning, lol) is to put on some music (Pandora has really great kids’ songs) and have a dance party.

Dancing with Mommy [2]
Dancing with Mommy
Dancing with Daddy [3]
Dancing with Daddy
This buy LOVES to dance! [4]
This buy LOVES to dance!

Joseph will get all excited and start running around, waving his hands around. Tonight we did something different where we danced with him (as in holding his hands). He really liked doing that, as well.

New Words: Joseph has added quite a few words to his vocabulary this week. He has added: shoes, socks, sandals (can you tell the temperature has been fluctuating a bit?), sit, and Amen (he just did that one today, at church, after everyone else said it…that was one proud momma moment!).

Funny of the Week: Joseph was being a bit cranky, so Paul decided to switch the TV over to Netflix and get one of Joseph’s “shows” (i.e. one of the cartoons that he normally watches on PBS) going. As the Netflix screen appeared, Joseph stopped fussing, got excited, and said (as far as we can tell), “My TV?!” When the screen came on with all the choices of shows (it shows a picture of the show along with the title), he got even more excited (insert “Woah! Wow!”). We found it hilarious that he was THAT excited about watching HIS TV!

Epiphany of the Week: I have found that if I want to put the groceries away in peace, all I have to do is turn on an episode of Blue’s Clues (but be prepared for unexpected results). I got almost all of them put away before Joseph even noticed. He came into the kitchen as I was starting in on the last bag (full of canned stuff). Since it was all unbreakable stuff, I let him help (he likes to hand me cans one at a time as I put them away). When we finished, he looked around expectantly, looking for more stuff to put away. When he realized that all the other bags were empty, he got pretty upset…enough to cry. I had not expected that to happen. I felt pretty¬†bad. I made it up to him by laying down on the ground and starting up a tickle-fest. He switched back to happy pretty quickly.

Yay for Mommy Moment: Today I played a piano solo in church. I was pretty nervous about it, since I haven’t done a solo since…high school, I think. I’ve played for primary and even for a couple of choir things (back in CA), but I don’t get as nervous with those things since the singing pretty much drowns out any mistake that I may make. I decided that I would practice my piece every day, five times a day (Mom would be proud). I had about 2 weeks notice, so that was plenty of time to get in a lot of practice. The result? An almost flawless performance (I only hit one stray note, but since it was a slip of a note that I had just played, it didn’t even sound wrong)! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father blessed me with a love for music and is giving me a way to share the talent with others. I’m also grateful that my mom was willing to give me lessons (and was careful to let me go at my own pace so that I didn’t become frustrated and want to give up..I think that really made a difference)!