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California Fun

This is going to be mostly pictures of our trip to California for Christmas.

IMG_20131224_124115-MOTION [1]
Playing Mom’s piano
IMG_20131224_191232-MOTION [2]
Opening his stocking
IMG_20131224_191452 [3]
Thomas train
IMG_20131224_191455 [4]
He was pretty excited
IMG_20131225_084628 [5]
Opening presents Christmas morning
IMG_20131225_084648 [6]
ABC toy from Grandma and Grandpa
IMG_20131225_084655 [7]
He wanted to play with it right away
IMG_20131225_085148 [8]
We would say a present was from Grandma and he would try to give the present TO Grandma
IMG_20131225_085229 [9]
Leap Frog house
IMG_20131224_124241 [10]
Loved playing with all the “old” toys
IMG_20131224_151440 [11]
Bike riding
IMG_20131225_174310 [12]
Cousin time
IMG_20131225_174903 [13]
The Plaid Shirt Brigade
IMG_20131225_175959 [14]
The castle was a favorite…though I had to show Joseph that the trap door didn’t just eat toys (they go down to the dungeon)
IMG_20131225_184859 [15]
Piano man
13 - 6 [16]
If there’s a football, he’ll find it
13 - 9 [17]
Loved the shirt-sleeve weather
13 - 13 [18]
But not the flash
13 - 15 [19]
Reading with cousins
IMG_20131226_151844 [20]
Playing with the trains we got him
IMG_20131226_175146 [21]
Soaking in time with family
IMG_20131226_175157 [22]
Joseph is still asking to see his cousins. He had a really good time. 🙂
IMG_20131226_151852 [23]
The train that Jason (Paul’s brother) got Joseph was a battery operated one
IMG_20131229_202135 [24]
Reading at bedtime. Notice that the stuffed animals correspond with the story. Joseph insisted that it be that way.
Playing piano with cousins
Eating his first “real” banana (as in, not cut up for him).
Tickles from Aunt Dusty and Uncle Aaron
IMG_20131226_112532-MOTION [28]
He loved this truck ride at Knott’s. We were able to get in free (since they extended their normal Veterans’ Day offer into December and not just November) and we were also able to find free parking. All we spent money on was a Snoopy for Joseph. 🙂
IMG_20131226_102300 [29]
Wasn’t too sure about the bear, though
IMG_20131226_103000 [30]
When the car would whip around the bend, Joseph would shriek, “Weeeeee!”
IMG_20131226_110501 [31]
Ferris wheel
IMG_20131226_114042 [32]
Old West pump
IMG_20131226_114221 [33]
Old West train
IMG_20131226_114228 [34]
Making sure to hold tight to Snoopy
IMG_20131228_131146-MIX [35]
Corona Del Mar tide pool caves
IMG_20131228_131155 [36]
It was interesting at first…
IMG_20131228_131204 [37]
…but then a little boring
IMG_20131228_131329 [38]
He was much happier splashing
IMG_20131228_132851 [39]
The water was freezing, but he didn’t mind
IMG_20131228_132903 [40]
He loved the waves (I liked that they were little).
IMG_20131228_132900 [41]
Waiting for more waves
Paul spotted this star fish in one of the tide pools
IMG_20131228_125945 [43]
Warming up while munching on a cracker
His favorite spot, by far
Exploring the cave with Daddy
Checking out the star fish
Did I mention this was his favorite spot?
Warding off the sun
Chilling out in our bedroom
Trucks are serious business!

We had such a wonderful time and loved every bit of getting to hang out with family. We miss them already!