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18 months old today!

Chillin' in his chair [1]
Chillin’ in his chair.

So, I decided that I needed to go back and get Joseph another chair (mainly so that we didn’t have to lug his green one up and down the stairs, but it’s probably good to have another one so that if he ever has friends over, they can both have a place to sit). Joseph loves these chairs! I think they’re technically outside chairs, but whatever. I like how low they are to the ground. It’s so easy for him to sit in them!

Big helper [2]
Big helper

Joseph loves to “help” me with stuff (in other words, he likes to play with stuff that I’m using to complete jobs). In this case, I had just changed a light bulb (the burned-out bulb was still a little warm, so I used the glove to protect my hand). Joseph loved playing with it and the empty light bulb box. Other things he likes to “help” with is laundry (emptying the laundry bin) and cooking (he is ridiculously excited if I give him a spatula, measuring cup, etc.).

ANYTHING can be a hat! [3]
ANYTHING can be a hat!

He loves to put stuff on his head. He likes hats of all sizes, and is willing to turn anything into a hat. In this case, it was a bit of cardboard…silly boy! He also likes to step into our shoes and try to walk around. I think that we’re going to need to build up a dress-up supply for him!

Before his haircut. [4]
Before his haircut.

The big event last night: first haircut! He just needed a little trim around the ears and along the back of his neck (he had one REALLY long curl that would just get tangled up and looked scraggly). As we got him ready for it (put him in the high chair, got him some toys to play with, etc.), I found that I was petrified! I was afraid that I was going to mess it up, or that he was going to wriggle and I would inadvertently snip his ear or something. The result: Paul did the cutting while I kept Joseph occupied. I sang songs, traded out toys, held his head still for tricky parts, and the like. He didn’t freak out at all (he fussed a bit when we were getting his hair wet with the washcloth, but that’s normal), but he was squirmy! He wanted to know what in the world Daddy was doing! All-in-all, it came out really good, as you can see in the “after” picture. 🙂

Baby locks... [5]
Baby locks…
Post haircut. [6]

Finally, a picture to commemorate being 18 months old. This picture captures him perfectly! There are times that he is SO mischievous! He also likes to have fun, and is easy to please. If he’s fussin’ or in a grouchy mood, we can almost always make it better by doing a silly dance, singing a silly song, or instigating a tickle-fest. He really is a joy to live with. We’re looking forward to the adventures that are in store (like later today…he gets to go to nursery for the first time!)!

Mischief maker! [7]
Mischief maker!

As for other news, my back is doing much better (I’m ALMOST back to my normal self. I still have to rest a lot and take it easy so that I don’t re-injure myself). I was even feeling well enough to take Joseph to the Market Day that’s held near our house. I didn’t find anything that I couldn’t live without at any of the booths, but we did make a stop in one of the antique stores (they hold the Market Day on the main road of Old Town Helotes, which is full of antique stores, thrift stores, and the like) and found this little gem that now resides in my kitchen.

Old oil lamp. [8]
Old oil lamp.

We also got new bedding for our guest room, so now it’s 100% ready for people to visit! Yes, we went with the Texas theme on purpose, lol. We wanted it to be fun for us and for our guests. Joseph’s reaction when he saw the new bedding: He first said, “woahhh” and then he ran over to the side of the bed, laid his head on the pillows, patted the bed and said, “awww”. If it meets the king’s approval, it MUST be good!

Don't mess with Texas! [9]
Don’t mess with Texas!