Ugh. The Humidity!

Weekly Happenings: This past week seemed to fly by. We were sort of homebodies for most of it. One afternoon, Paul got off of work early so that he could be home while a plumber came to work on the pressure reducing valve (PRV). It’s nice having good water pressure again! On Friday, since Paul had the day off, we headed to the zoo after school. It was another peaceful right-before-closing visit. Paul and Joseph checked out the reptile house while I fed Abigail and then we just sort of wandered around until closing. We then went out for dinner at Augie’s. It was a pretty fun afternoon.

The Weekly Weather: As eluded to by the title of the post, it’s been rather warm and humid. You’d think I’d be used to it (we have been here for almost five years, after all), but nope. I still think it feels gross out, haha. We’re supposed to get some rain this week…hopefully that will clear it out for a bit (it does that sometimes).

What Paul’s Been Up To: A bit more about the replacement of the PRV. Long story short, it stopped working, so the water pressure in our house (and other places, like the irrigation system) was pretty poor. Once Paul found it (its access panel had been accidentally covered by sod when we first moved in), he tried to get it off to replace it with a new one, but it was covered with so much sediment it ended up needing to be cut off. He watched the plumber work so that he could do repairs like that in the future. He made a post about it on his blog that you can read about here if you want to see pictures of it all. He did most of the grunt work ahead of time, so all the plumber needed to really do was cut off the old one and put on the new one. Other than that, it’s been basically school and work like normal.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I haven’t done anything too out of the ordinary. Just sort of pluggin’ along.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He is almost done with school for the year! He basically has three more days this next week and then he’ll be done with pre-k. It’s crazy that we’re already at this point! He had some fun things happen at school this past week. The book fair was back and was buy one, get one free, so he got a couple of new books. He also got to attend a couple of fun parties. One was for perfect attendance. He hasn’t quite had perfect attendance all year (there were a few days back in the fall when he was sick), but the way they do perfect attendance parties is cool. Instead of it only being for perfect attendance for the entire school year, they do a couple of parties: one about halfway through and then one at the end. Since he had perfect attendance during the last half of the school year, he got to attend the party. It was outside with water games and other outdoor activities. He also got to go to a party in the library for turning in a bunch of reading logs throughout the year. This one was a glow-in-the-dark party, so he came home with a bunch of glow-in-the-dark stuff.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been really “chatty” this past week (looking at us and making tons of coos, shrieks, and other sounds). She also officially hit her five month mark. She’s been sort of digging at her ears, but since she hasn’t had a fever or anything, I’m betting it’s still teething pain. Poor little bug. 🙁 She hasn’t been incredibly fussy, though, so that’s good. She has also discovered herself in mirrors and loves to smile and “talk” to the “other” baby (I’m still not 100% sure she knows it’s her).

This Week in Pictures:

Smiling at the “other baby” in the camera, since I had my phone in “selfie” mode (flipped so that a person can take a picture of themselves).
She fell asleep on the couch last Sunday, so I just hung out with her there. She doesn’t get much of a nap on Sundays due to when we have church, so since she fell asleep, I let her sleep (and didn’t walk away from her since she’s now starting to roll…rolling off the couch would be bad).
Devouring his new books.
Getting to be such a big girl!
Three quarters of the family at the zoo (Paul was taking the picture).
Joseph hanging out solo on the hippos.

A Milestone for the Bigger Tiny Human

Weekly Happenings: This past week held a few different fun things: Sunday night, Joseph lost his first tooth! On Thursday he went on his first field trip (they went to Sea World). On Friday, Abigail and I met Paul at his work to attend the annual picnic while Joseph was at school. Since Joseph was a bit bummed about missing the picnic, we ended up running out to the zoo after we picked him up (one of my friends had gotten him from school for us). We went at my favorite time: right before closing. It was almost deserted and we were able to just wander around and see a few things (one of the perks of being pass holders is that we can go and not feel like we need to rush and see everything). We then went to eat at what Joseph calls “the pig place”, which is really a BBQ place called Augie’s (it has a giant pig on the roof).

The Weekly Weather: It was supposed to rain the majority of the week, but ended up only raining a few times. The rest of the time it was overcast and muggy, with a few bits of sunshine thrown in here and there.

What Paul’s Been Up To: School and work as normal. Not too much out of the norm that I haven’t already mentioned.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Keeping the tiny humans happy and healthy as normal. Not too much out of the norm for me, either.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: His tooth fell out Sunday afternoon, while he was hanging out in the office with Paul. He was wiggling it with his tongue and it just popped out. Paul put it in a little container that he could stick next to his bed so the Tooth Fairy could come and switch it out for a couple of quarters. He was pretty excited. We also discovered that the tooth right next to it is loose as well (which makes sense since they came in pretty much at the same time when he was a baby). He’s also created a “friend” using his dress-up cowboy hat with a pair of safety glasses (that came with the rock digging kit he got for Christmas) resting on the brim. The hat’s name is Gary and Gary has a pet armadillo (really Joseph’s plush armadillo) named Armadillo-mondo (I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried). Joseph will disassemble Gary when it’s Abigail’s bath time so that he can wear the hat and glasses as “protection” against the splashes (he really likes being in the bathroom when she’s having her bath because he likes to watch her splash around). As mentioned before, he had his first field trip and had a great time. I think he was just as excited to ride the bus as he was to go to Sea World. 🙂 He also enjoyed going to the zoo and getting to climb on the sculptures without anyone else around.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: I think I already mentioned that she has started rolling from her back to her tummy. Now when she does it, she can get her arms propped up under her so that she can look around. She’s also accidentally rolled back from her tummy to her back, but I don’t think she knows how she did it. I know that will come all too soon, though! She also continues to sweeten us all up with her smile (especially Joseph…she loves to smile at Joseph) and has gotten quite vocal. We sure love our “caboose”!

This Week in Pictures:

All fancied up for Mother’s Day last week. I took this picture after I’d already done the blog post for that week, so this picture is getting put into this post.
Showing off his lost tooth spot (as well as his goofy sense of humor).
His personality just cracks me up!
Sitting on the hippos at the zoo.
Posing in front of the fish.
He wanted to be on top of the biggest lion. Normally this area is crawling with kids, but since we got there right before closing, it was pretty empty.

Happy Momma’s Day

Weekly Happenings: This past week was another pretty average one. It seems to be how life is rolling right now, and we’re all pretty okay with it. 🙂 We did have a couple of outings (a library trip on Monday and then yesterday Paul and I went out to dinner with just Abigail hitching along since Joseph went to a birthday party), but mostly stayed home. Today is Mother’s Day, so I got to sleep in a bit, got breakfast in bed, and got presents and a homemade card from the boys. I got a new stock pot and a pastry blender (I see soup and homemade biscuits in our future). 🙂 I did also get a new baby-wearing carrier (called a Tula Free to Grow) which I got to open yesterday, but more about that later. I feel pretty spoiled. 🙂

The Weekly Weather: We had quite the mix this past week. There were some sunny and warm days, but we had three days in a row of cloudy/rainy days (that were still warm…I still find it hard to remember that rainy doesn’t always mean cold). I was glad to see the sun again after that (doing the pre-k drop off and pick-up with two kids is sort of complicated when you throw rain into the mix).

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy with work and school…along with still working with the different aspects of trying to figure out what was up with the water pressure regulator. He finally found it (in an access panel that had been covered with sod) but it was stuck on there really good, so he hasn’t been able to get it off yet. He’ll keep working with it (removing the old, broken one and putting on a new one) as time allows. The joys of home ownership!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: As I mentioned earlier, I got a new baby-wearing carrier for Abigail. She did pretty decent in the Ergo with the infant insert, but she swiftly exceeded the measurements and weight suggestions, so I was trying to have her just in the Ergo itself. The problem with that though, is that her legs aren’t quite long enough to straddle the width of the carrier, so she was rather uncomfortable in it for more than 15 minutes or so. One of my friends happened to post a picture of her son “wearing” his baby brother in a carrier that looked similar to an Ergo, but looked much more narrow. I asked her what it was and she told me about the Tula Free to Grow carrier. It’s basically the same concept as the Ergo, but the back panel adjusts both width-wise and height-wise. This makes it possible for a much smaller baby to be carried in it without needing an insert. Since Abigail isn’t exactly a tiny baby anymore, I put the settings kind of in the middle. She seems a ton more comfortable. That makes this momma pretty happy!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He completed the reading log program at school and was able to pick a prize from the treasure box from the library (a mini magnifying glass). He also got a pretty cool prize from his classroom treasure box (he’s been getting all happy faces on his behavior chart on a regular basis, so he gets to pick out of the treasure box every week that they do it, but this past week some extra-cool prizes were added): a watercolor set. Finally, he had a blast at the birthday party he went to yesterday (they had a bounce house with a water slide).

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been pretty much her happy self. She has had a few fussy moments here and there, but at her doctor’s appointment last month, her doctor said she was most likely in the early stages of teething. I’m betting her gums are probably a bit tender. The pain seems to be radiating up to her ear, since she keeps batting at it occasionally during those fussy times. One funny story: I put her in her bouncy chair and was getting some things done. All of a sudden, I could hear her sucking on something profusely. I couldn’t imagine what it was, since I had not given her any toys. It turns out that she somehow got her headband down and was just going to town, sucking on that bow. Funny but gross at the same time, haha.

This Week in Pictures:

Happy girl and happy momma with the new carrier.
She seriously is one of the happiest babies…oh, and that’s the headband she was sucking on. Poor bow, haha.
Breaking in the new watercolor set.