The Start of Summer Fun

Weekly Happenings: This was the first full week of summer vacation for Joseph. We didn’t do a whole lot, but what we did do was really fun. We went to story time at the library for Abigail (Joseph brought along his tablet since the subject matter was a little young for him), Joseph tagged along […]

We Made It Another Year!

Weekly Happenings: We made it through another school year! Joseph had a great year this year. He enjoyed getting to be in class with several of his friends, learned a ton, and loved GT. He’s excited to get a break though, too. Abigail and I filled up the first part of the week (when Joseph […]

Some Bad, but Mostly Good

Weekly Happenings: This week was really a mixed bag. It consisted of Joseph getting sick, recovering, a trip to the Kiddie Park (a cool kids’ amusement park downtown that’s from the 1920s), Joseph’s awards ceremony, Paul getting sick, a trip to the zoo, Abigail getting sick, and finally ended with me getting sick. Let’s just […]